Iron ore is one of the most useful basic resources in Stardew Valley. It's a metal ore that can be found by mining iron nodes in the mines between levels 40-79. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, mining an iron node will yield 1-3 iron ore. The ores can then be smelted into iron bars, which are used to upgrade tools and craft various machines, sprinklers, fences, and more.

Having an ample supply of iron ore is essential for every Stardew Valley player. Not only does it allow you to upgrade your tools to increaseefficiency, but many important machines like kegs and crystallariums require iron bars to craft. Iron bars even serve as a component for thequality sprinklers that will help take your farm to the next level.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about finding, mining, and using iron ore in Stardew Valley. You'll learn the most efficient levels to mine iron and some useful tips and buffs to maximize your haul.

Mine Iron Ore (Levels 40-79)

The most abundant source of iron ore in Stardew Valley is found in the mines between levels 40 and 79. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, iron nodes are most common at these depths1. When mining in the levels between 40 and 79, make sure to thoroughly check along walls and break any rocks you come across. Iron nodes have a metallic black color and will drop 1-4 iron ore when mined with a pickaxe. With some persistence and luck, you can collect a sizable haul of iron ore in these levels. Some key tips when mining for iron ore in the mines: - Have food buffs active for increased mining speed and luck. Miner's Treat is ideal. - Upgrade to an iron or gold pickaxe as soon as possible for faster mining. - Bring bombs and use them liberally to quickly reveal more mine walls and nodes. - Place torches along paths you've explored already to avoid confusion. Stick to depths between 40 and 79 and be thorough in checking all rock outcrops. With some time invested, you'll have more iron ore than you know what to do with!


The Quarry located north of the farm is another place where you can find small amounts of iron ore in Stardew Valley. While less abundant than in the mines, breaking open rocks scattered around the Quarry has a chance to produce 1-2 iron ore.[1]( To unlock access to the Quarry, you'll first need to complete the Crafts Room bundles in the Community Center.[2](,all%20the%20Crafts%20Room%20bundles.) Once available, visit the Quarry regularly and crack open stones to try your luck at finding iron ore along with other resources like coal and stone. While not a reliable primary source, this can provide a nice supplement to mining iron ore in the regular mines.


Geodes are mineral deposits that can be found by breaking rocks around Stardew Valley. When opened with a Geode Crusher, geodes have a small chance of containing iron ore.

The types of geodes that can contain iron ore are:

  • Geode
  • Frozen Geode
  • Magma Geode
  • Omni Geode

The Omni Geode has the highest chance of containing iron ore since it draws from the full mineral pool. Magma Geodes also have an increased chance due to their concentration of metals and ores.

It's worth noting that the minerals contained in a geode are random, so there's no guarantee you'll get iron ore. Opening multiple geodes can help increase your chances. While not the most reliable source, geodes provide a nice supplemental way to obtain iron ore alongside mining.

Smelting Iron Ore

Iron ore must be smelted in a furnace to produce iron bars. The furnace is a craftable structure purchased from Clint the blacksmith. To smelt iron ore, you will need:
  • 1 Iron Ore
  • 1 Coal (for fuel)
Smelting the iron ore requires 2 in-game hours. Each iron ore will produce 1 iron bar. Make sure you have enough coal on hand to power the furnace. Stock up on wood to craft coal in a kiln if needed. With a steady supply of iron ore and coal, you'll be mass producing iron bars in no time. The furnace is essential for processing all ores in Stardew Valley. Be sure to craft one early on to maximize your metal production.

Uses for Iron Bars

Iron bars can be used to craft and upgrade various items in Stardew Valley, including tools, weapons, machines, and fences.1 Tool Upgrades One of the main uses of iron bars is for upgrading tools from copper to steel. 5 bars are required for each tool upgrade from copper to steel, which are the axe, pickaxe, hoe, watering can, and milk pail.2 Upgrading to steel tools greatly increases the efficiency and area of effect of using them. Machines Iron bars are needed to craft various machines and structures like kegs, preserve jars, sprinklers, furnaces, and more. For example, a basic sprinkler requires 1 iron bar and 1 copper bar to craft.3 Weapons The iron sword and dagger both require 5 iron bars each to craft. These weapons are stronger than the basic copper weapons.4 Fences Iron fences require 1 iron bar plus wood to craft. They are more durable and expensive than wooden fences.5

Maximizing Iron Ore

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize the amount of iron ore you collect in Stardew Valley:
  • Use food buffs - Eating foods like Spicy Eel, Lucky Lunch, or Pumpkin Soup before mining will provide buffs like extra luck and speed to help you find more nodes.
  • Get the Miner profession - Choosing the Miner profession at mining level 5 will give you a chance to find gems and geodes when breaking rocks, which can contain iron ore.
  • Use bombs - Crafting and using bombs can help break multiple rocks and nodes at once to speed up collection.
  • Prioritize levels 41-79 - Focus your mining efforts on levels 41-79 of the mines where iron nodes appear most frequently [1].
  • Use staircases - Keep staircases on hand so you can skip past floors without iron and quickly get to the prime levels.
Employing strategies like these can help you amass iron ore quickly in Stardew Valley. With some luck and planning, you'll be swimming in iron bars in no time!

Buffs for Mining

There are certain buffs that can temporarily increase your mining skill to help you collect more iron ore quickly in Stardew Valley. Consuming items like food, drinks, or using other boosts can give you a mining buff for a limited amount of time1. Some of the best options for mining buffs include: Foods - Lucky Lunch (+3 Mining, +3 Defense, +2 Luck): This meal provides the highest mining buff and is made from Tortilla, Sea Cucumber, and Pink Cake. - Miners Treat (+2 Mining, +1 Speed): Crafted from Sugar and Cave Carrot, this is an affordable option. - Pepper Poppers (+1 Mining, +1 Speed, +2 Luck): Made from Hot Pepper and Cheese. Drinks - Coffee (+1 Speed): While coffee doesn't directly buff mining, the speed boost helps you move faster in the mines. You can buy coffee from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon. - Triple Shot Espresso (+3 Speed): A more powerful coffee that can stack with food buffs for maximum speed. Other - Crystallariums producing Jade: Exchanging one Jade on Sundays with the Desert Trader gives you 3 Staircases. Use these to quickly descend levels. - Magic Rock Candy (+5 Luck): Found by tilling soil on Ginger Island, this temporary boost to luck can help you find more ore nodes. Using buffs before a mining run can significantly increase your iron ore haul if you take advantage of their effects and mine efficiently. Time them right as you go deep into the mines on good luck days for the best results2.

Respawn Rates

One question many Stardew Valley players have is how quickly iron nodes respawn after being mined. According to discussions on Reddit, iron nodes take 2-3 in-game days to respawn after being mined [1]. This respawn rate allows players to return to the same levels in the mines a few days later to collect more iron ore. It's a good idea to keep track of which levels have the densest iron deposits and revisit them often.

The respawn rate for iron in the quarry is slower, with some iron ore appearing each day but not the entire quarry resetting. Check the quarry periodically for new iron ore, but focus efforts on the deeper levels of the mines for a steady iron supply.


There are several mods that can help you find and mine iron ore more efficiently in Stardew Valley. Ore Increase Mod 1 - This mod increases the chance of getting iron ore when mining by rerolling the game's ore selection if you don't get iron. It helps guarantee you'll have a steady iron ore supply. Automate 2 - This popular mod lets you automate machines like furnaces to smelt your collected iron ore into bars automatically. It saves you time and hassle. Chests Anywhere 3 - Access your chest inventory from anywhere to stash all the iron ore you collect while mining. This prevents having to constantly run back to chests. With the right mods, you can significantly increase your iron ore collecting and processing efficiency. Try out some mining and automation mods to speed up finding iron for all your crafting needs in Stardew Valley.