Introducing Caroline, Pelican Town's Enigmatic Beauty

Caroline is one of the villagers living in the charming town of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. She is known for her kind and polite demeanor as well as her mysterious aura. Caroline is married to Pierre, the owner of the local General Store, and they have a daughter named Abigail. While we know Caroline spends her days working alongside Pierre at the store, exactly where she lives in Pelican Town remains something of a mystery. Rumors abound about secret rooms and hidden greenhouses on Caroline's property. Like many of Pelican Town's residents, there seems to be more to Caroline than initially meets the eye. Our investigation aims to uncover the truth about where this enigmatic beauty lays her head at night. One thing is certain - Caroline's home life is intricately connected to Pierre and the General Store. But just where can she be found when she's not working? Let's find out!

Caroline's Daily Routine

Caroline is a dedicated and hardworking mother and wife. During the workweek, Caroline can be found at Pierre's General Store from 9am to 3pm helping customers and keeping the shop organized. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, Caroline has the following schedule:
Day of WeekTimeLocation
Monday9am - 3pmPierre's General Store
Tuesday9am - 3pmPierre's General Store
Wednesday9am - 3pmPierre's General Store
Thursday9am - 3pmPierre's General Store
Friday9am - 3pmPierre's General Store
Saturday10am - 4pmPierre's General Store
Sunday10am - 3pmAround Pelican Town
On her days off and after finishing her shift at Pierre's, Caroline can be found wandering around Pelican Town visiting villagers or relaxing at home with her family. Caroline values her leisure time and balances her busy work schedule with much needed rest and recreation.

Inside Caroline's Home

Caroline lives in a home connected to her husband Pierre's General Store in Pelican Town. Her house layout includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom for herself and Pierre, and a separate bedroom for her daughter Abigail. The inside decor reflects Caroline's love of nature with lots of houseplants, flowers, and earth tone colors. She has decorated with woven blankets, potted plants, and natural wood furniture. There's a notice board in the kitchen displaying family photos and Abigail's childhood drawings. The living room has large windows looking out on the town square. Caroline's house gives off a warm, inviting vibe that matches her kind personality. Though small, she has made the space beautiful and comfortable for her family.

Caroline's Relationships

Caroline is married to Pierre, the owner of the local general store in Pelican Town. Together they have a daughter named Abigail. Caroline and Pierre seem to have a stable, happy marriage working together to run the store. However, Caroline's relationship with her daughter Abigail seems strained at times. Several of Caroline's heart events in Stardew Valley focus on her desire to connect more with Abigail and their lack of shared interests. Through the heart events, Caroline expresses that she wants to be closer with Abigail and worries that she doesn't understand her daughter. By the final heart event, Caroline and Abigail have a heart-to-heart and seem to reach a better place in their relationship. Outside of her family, Caroline is friends with some of the other women in Pelican Town including Jodi and Robin. Caroline sometimes spends time chatting with them at town events and festivals. She seems to enjoy the company of other adult women in town to trade gossip and talk about life in Pelican Town. Caroline doesn't have as many close friendships with the bachelors and bachelorettes in town since she spends much of her time working at Pierre's store or at home. Her social circle seems focused on the other adult townspeople like Mayor Lewis, Jodi, Robin and Demetrius.

Caroline's Interests

Caroline has a strong passion for gardening and nature. This is reflected in the tasteful decor of her home, which incorporates many houseplants, floral accents, and natural materials like wood and stone. Her passion for gardening goes beyond indoor plants - Caroline has a large greenhouse on the back of her property where she nurtures an impressive assortment of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The greenhouse features neatly organized garden beds, a potting bench, and a small pond. Caroline spends many hours tending to the plants in her personal sanctuary. It's clear she has a green thumb when you take a peek inside the perfectly maintained greenhouse. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki [1], Caroline wishes she could turn her gardening hobby into a business one day. When she's not working at Pierre's store, you can often find Caroline in her greenhouse or out enjoying nature around Pelican Town.

Caroline's Heart Events

Caroline has four heart events that the player can trigger to learn more about her desires and relationships. At two hearts, Caroline confronts Abigail about dying her hair purple, showing the strain between mother and daughter (Stardew Valley Wiki, n.d.). At four hearts, Caroline expresses boredom with her life and a desire for adventure (Gaming Gorilla, 2023). At six hearts, Caroline fights with Pierre about their struggling marriage. Finally, at eight hearts, Caroline makes amends with Abigail and they agree to understand each other better. Overall, Caroline's heart events reveal her desire for excitement beyond small town life and her struggles connecting with Abigail as she grows up.

Gifting Caroline

Caroline loves receiving gifts of fresh flowers and fruit. Her favorite flowers are poppies and tulips. For fruit, she enjoys receiving peaches, apricots, pomegranates, and grapes. Caroline also appreciates decorative items like the Fairy Rose honey or Prismatic Shard minerals. However, she strongly dislikes foraged items from the mountains or beach, as well as alcoholic beverages like wine or mead. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki Caroline gift page, here are Caroline's loved and liked gifts:
Loves Likes
Poppy Daffodil
Tulip Fairy Rose
Summer Spangle All Fruit
Fish Taco Crocus
Knowing Caroline's favorite gifts like poppies, fruit, and decorative items can help players quickly raise friendship and unlock heart events. Avoid giving foraged goods or items from the mountains to prevent a decline in friendship. With the flower dance coming soon, a bouquet of tulips or poppies would make an excellent gift for Caroline.

Quests with Caroline

Caroline occasionally has special quests for the player to complete in Stardew Valley. One notable quest is called "A Winter Mystery", which becomes available in winter after reaching 4 hearts with Caroline. This quest involves investigating why the plants in Caroline's personal greenhouse suddenly started dying. Upon accepting the quest, Caroline will explain that she has a small greenhouse connected to her home where she grows fruit trees and various crops year-round. However, all the plants have mysteriously started wilting and dying, even though Caroline has cared for them the same as always. She asks you to inspect the greenhouse and determine the cause. When you enter the greenhouse, you'll find all the plants looking sickly and parched. Examining them reveals the sprinkler system has broken, leaving the plants without water. After fixing the sprinkler by collecting a few iron bars and gold bars for parts, the plants perk up again. You can then return to Caroline and explain that the issue was the broken sprinkler system, which you've now repaired. Caroline is delighted that her greenhouse has been restored to health. As a reward, she'll provide the recipe for Maple Syrup, a valuable artisan good. She also permanently gives you access to the greenhouse, allowing you to grow crops there year-round. This quest provides rare insight into Caroline's personal life and hobbies. It also reveals she has a hidden greenhouse connected to her home in Pelican Town. Solving the mystery of her dying plants strengthens your friendship with Caroline and earns you a useful recipe. [](

Theories on Caroline's Backstory

One of the most interesting aspects of Caroline's character is the mystery surrounding her backstory. Some fans have developed theories that Caroline may have had a more adventurous and rebellious past before settling down in Pelican Town. For example, some point to Caroline's strained relationship with her daughter Abigail as evidence that she's trying to prevent Abigail from making the same reckless choices she once did [1]. Perhaps Caroline regrets giving up her own freedom and now seeks to overprotect her daughter. Other fans theorize that Caroline may have some untapped magical talents. Her bright green hair is cited as a sign she could be related to the mysterious Wizard who lives near Pelican Town [2]. Some believe Caroline harbors secret powers she has repressed in her current domestic life. In a similar vein, some fans think Caroline may have a hidden talent for gardening and growing magical plants. Caroline's Vault Bundle quest in the Community Center involves restoring her greenhouse, hinting at her interest. Some believe given the chance, Caroline would love to turn her hobby into a full-fledged gardening business. While Caroline's true backstory remains uncertain, these fan theories add an extra layer of intrigue to her outwardly humble small-town life. Underneath her polite exterior may lie untold adventures and mysteries still to be revealed.

Where Caroline Lives Revealed

After learning about Caroline's daily routine and relationships in Pelican Town, her living situation becomes clear. Caroline lives right in the middle of town, connected to her husband Pierre's General Store. This prime location allows Caroline to easily work at the store during opening hours. On days when the store is closed, Caroline spends time tending to her private greenhouse which is attached to the back of her home. Caroline's attached greenhouse acts as a sanctuary and is only accessible by walking through her kitchen. She spends leisurely mornings and evenings caring for the plants and flowers in this personal sunroom. The greenhouse represents Caroline's hidden interests in gardening and nature. Having this private space likely provides an escape from the busyness of the store and village life. Understanding where Caroline disappears to on her days off reveals key insights about her character. While Caroline fulfills her public role as supportive wife and mother, she nurtures her private passions within the confines of her greenhouse hideaway. The dual nature of Caroline's home life mirrors the complexity inherent in many of Pelican Town's residents. Though the village can feel small, each villager contains multitudes.