Caroline, the charming wife of Pierre and mother of Abigail in Stardew Valley, remains an enigma to many players. Though she keeps up a friendly and approachable demeanor while working at Pierre's General Store, Caroline seems to disappear when not busy with customers or her family.

Where exactly does Caroline reside when not tending the shop counter? This comprehensive guide will uncover the truth about where Caroline lives in Stardew Valley, including details on her daily schedule, interests, relationships, and potential backstory. For players intrigued by Caroline's mystical aura, read on to learn all of her secrets.

##Caroline's Profile

As one of the longtime residents of Pelican Town, Caroline plays an important role supporting her husband Pierre's business at the General Store. She can be found working the counter at the shop on most days while making conversation with customers. Caroline and Pierre have one daughter together named Abigail. Though Caroline cares deeply for her family, heart events reveal friction in her relationship with Abigail as the free-spirited daughter grows up. Outside of work, Caroline enjoys activities like gardening, nature walks, and reading. She often comments on the beauty of the valley's scenery and seasons.

## Caroline's Daily Schedule

During General Store opening hours, Caroline can reliably be found behind the counter, keeping the shop in order and engaging with customers. She takes Mondays and Tuesdays off work. On her days off and outside of store hours, Caroline's schedule becomes more mysterious. She spends time tending a private greenhouse on her property and visits the river south of town. Caroline also frequents the Stardrop Saloon at night and attends aerobics classes on certain mornings. Otherwise, her location is unknown, leaving players guessing where she disappears to.

## Caroline's Gift Guide

While not the easiest villager to locate day-to-day, building friendship with Caroline is simple with gifts of flowers and fruit. Her favorite items are poppies, tulips, apricots, and peaches. Foraged items and alcohol make poor gifts for this nature-loving mom. On her birthday of Summer 7th, Caroline enjoys daffodils, fairy roses, and summer spangles.

## Caroline's Heart Events

Caroline's heart events provide insight into her personality beyond her role as shopkeeper. Her two-heart event shows Caroline's interest in connecting more with Abigail through a dyeing project. The four-heart event reveals friction with Abigail not meeting Caroline's expectations as a mother. At six hearts, Caroline opens up about feeling stuck in a rut and wanting more adventure. Her final eight-heart event depicts a touching moment of understanding between Caroline and Abigail.

## Caroline's Home

One of Caroline's secrets is the location of her residence when not working. Caroline lives with her family in a home directly connected to the General Store building. A kitchen, living room, and bedrooms can be found behind the shop counter's back door. Caroline has decorated the home with houseplants and natural wood furniture. Her greenhouse for gardening is located just outside. Though Caroline spends much of her time in public at Pierre's shop, her private home life remains a mystery.

## Caroline's Role in Town

As the wife of the General Store owner, Caroline provides an invaluable service to Pelican Town by helping run the main shopping hub. She knows the inventory thoroughly and keeps the shop in impeccable order for Pierre. Caroline also plays a major role in town festivals, helping to organize and run community events like the Luau, Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, and Feast of the Winter Star. Her outgoing personality makes Caroline a central figure in the social life of Pelican Town.

## Theories on Caroline's Backstory

Little is known about Caroline's history before marrying Pierre and settling in Pelican Town. Her occasional dialogue hints at a desire for adventure and excitement beyond small town life. Some fans theorize Caroline may have had a wild, free-spirited past before becoming a mother and shop owner. Others believe she has untapped artistic talents like Abigail that went unexplored while prioritizing her family. Hopefully future Stardew Valley content will reveal more about Caroline's origins and what makes this community pillar such a mysterious enchantress.

For players hoping to uncover the secrets of Stardew Valley's most enigmatic resident, this guide provides the keys to understanding Caroline's surprising home life, daily schedule, and potential backstory. Beyond her outwardly cheerful shopkeeper persona may lie a woman longing for adventure and self-discovery. What other secrets might Caroline be hiding? Befriend this mystical mother to find out!