Minecraft's tutorial hints are designed to teach new players the basics of the game through pop-up messages that explain gameplay mechanics. These beginner tips cover core concepts like movement, jumping, opening inventories, gathering resources, and crafting items. While useful at first, many players find the hints distracting or want a more unguided experience after becoming familiar with the game.

There are a few reasons players may want to turn off tutorial hints in Minecraft. The tips can feel intrusive and disrupt gameplay immersion for some users. Others prefer learning through experimentation rather than instruction. Disabling hints also allows for a greater challenge and sense of discovery. Additionally, experienced players revisiting the game may already know how to play and want to skip the tutorials. Knowing how to toggle off hints gives users more control over their gameplay experience.

Locate Your Minecraft Game Files

The Minecraft game files are stored in a folder called .minecraft located in your AppData directory. To access it:

1. Open File Explorer on your Windows PC and navigate to the %appdata% folder. This will open the hidden AppData folder.

2. Look for a folder called .minecraft - this is where all your Minecraft game files are stored, including worlds, resource packs, screenshots etc.

Here is an example path to the .minecraft folder on Windows 10:


On some versions of Windows, the AppData folder may be hidden by default. To unhide folders, go to the View tab in File Explorer and check "Hidden items". Then you'll be able to see the .minecraft folder.

Knowing the location of your Minecraft files gives you easy access to modify and backup your worlds, textures and other game files as needed.

Edit the Options.txt File

One way to turn off hints in Minecraft is by editing the options.txt file located in your .minecraft folder. This text file contains all the settings for your Minecraft installation.

To edit options.txt:

  1. Open the options.txt file in a text editor like Notepad.
  2. Look for the line that says "tutorialStep: movement" and change it to "tutorialStep: none".
  3. Save and close the file.

Setting the tutorialStep value to "none" will disable hints and tutorials. This change will apply to all Minecraft profiles using that .minecraft folder.

For more details, see this options.txt file example showing the tutorialStep line.

Disable Hints via In-Game Settings

One easy way to turn off hints is by toggling them off in the in-game settings menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft and access the main menu.
  2. Click on Settings and then select Gameplay.
  3. Look for the "Show Tutorial Hints" option and toggle it to OFF.

This will disable hints for that specific profile you are playing on. Keep in mind that each profile maintains its own settings, so you may need to disable hints individually per profile.

The advantage of using the in-game menu is that changes take effect immediately without having to edit any files manually. However, updates to Minecraft can sometimes re-enable hints, so this method may require periodically checking back to ensure they stay disabled.

For more details, refer to this helpful guide:

Finish the Tutorial

One way to disable hints in Minecraft is to simply complete the entire beginner tutorial. Minecraft displays tutorial hints to guide new players through basic gameplay mechanics and interactions. Once you have finished the tutorial by completing all of the beginner tasks prompts, the hints will be removed.

To finish the Minecraft tutorial, you will need to do things like:

  • Open your inventory
  • Break your first block of wood
  • Craft a crafting table and wooden tools
  • Construct your first shelter
  • Cook food in a furnace
  • Dig down to find resources like coal and iron
  • Craft better gear like swords, pickaxes, and armor

Completing all of these beginner tasks, as prompted by the tutorial hints, will signal to the game that you have a grasp of the basics. This will disable further tutorial hints from appearing. Finishing the tutorial is a straightforward way to turn off hints without having to edit any game files or settings.

Note that updating Minecraft or playing on a new device may re-enable tutorial hints. But completing the prompts again will turn them back off. This method works across Minecraft editions and platforms.