Selecting an Item to Throw

To select an item to throw in Minecraft, you first need to access your inventory. There are a few different ways to do this depending on the platform you are playing on:

On PC, press the number key that corresponds to the item's position in your hotbar to select it. For example, press 1 to select the first item, 2 for the second item, etc. You can also left-click on the item in your inventory to pick it up and add it to your hotbar.

On mobile devices, tap and hold on the item in your hotbar or inventory to select it. You will see the item become highlighted when it is selected.

On consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, use the left and right bumpers or D-pad to cycle through the hotbar and select the desired item.

Once you have selected the item you want to throw, it will appear in your hand/crosshair, ready to be thrown.

Throwing a Single Item

There are a few ways to throw just one item in Minecraft depending on the platform you are playing on:

On PC, press the 'Drop Item' key, which is Q by default, to throw the selected item. Holding the drop key will throw multiple items if you have a stack selected in your hotbar.

On mobile devices, tap and hold an item icon in your hotbar or inventory to pick it up. Then, while still holding the item, tap outside the inventory screen to throw the single item.

According to this gaming stack exchange post, tapping and dragging does not work to throw one item on touch screens. You must tap to pick up the item first before tapping outside the inventory.

Being able to precisely throw just one item is useful for dropping items to other players or activating pressure plates and tripwires.

Throwing Entire Stacks

To throw an entire stack of items in Minecraft, hold down the Shift key while pressing the 'Drop Item' key (default Q on PC). This will drop the full stack you have selected in your hotbar or inventory. On mobile, tap and hold on the item stack before exiting the inventory screen to throw the entire stack.

For example, if you want to drop a full stack of 64 dirt blocks, select the dirt in your hotbar or inventory and hold Shift + press Q. All 64 dirt blocks will be thrown out in front of you.

You can also drag a full stack out of your inventory and release it outside the inventory window to drop the entire stack. This works both on PC and mobile versions.

According to WikiHow, holding Shift while pressing 'Drop' is the easiest way to throw full stacks quickly.

Special Throwing Commands

Minecraft allows players to customize throwing behaviors using commands. This opens up many possibilities for creating unique throwing mechanics in your worlds.

You can make mobs drop items when hit using the /replaceitem command. For example, to make zombies drop iron ingots, use:

/replaceitem entity @e[type=zombie] slot.armor.head iron_ingot

This replaces the zombie's helmet with an iron ingot, causing them to drop it when killed. You can customize this for any mob and item.

To completely disable throwing for a player, use:

/clear @a[name=<player>] <item> 0 0

This removes all instances of the specified item from the player's inventory every tick, preventing them from being able to throw that item.

You can also give thrown items special abilities like explosions, lightning strikes, and more using commands. Check out this video for examples: How to Throw Anything using Command Block in Minecraft

With the power of commands, you can customize throwing in Minecraft to add unique gameplay mechanics for your world.

Throwing Items on Different Platforms

Throwing items works slightly differently depending on whether you are playing Minecraft on a console, mobile device, or PC. However, the basic mechanics are the same between both the Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

On consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, you use the LT button to pick up an item and the RT button to throw it. Simply press LT to grab an item from your hotbar or inventory, then press RT to toss it.

On mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you tap and hold an item to pick it up, and then tap outside of the inventory UI to throw it. So tap and hold to grab an item, lift your finger, then tap elsewhere on the screen to throw.

On PC, the default keybinding to throw items is Q. Press Q while hovering over a hotbar slot or with an item selected in the inventory to toss it. The basic mouse clicks to select items work the same as on mobile.

So while the specific buttons or taps differ, the general principle of selecting an item and then pressing a separate button/key to throw is consistent. Throwing works intuitively on all Minecraft platforms and control schemes.