Why Minecraft Minimizes on a Second Screen

Minecraft defaults to fullscreen mode which takes over the entire display. When in fullscreen, clicking anywhere outside the Minecraft window causes the game to minimize. This happens because the focus switches from Minecraft to whatever is on the second screen. Since Minecraft is set to fullscreen exclusive mode, it can't share the screen and so it minimizes instead. Essentially, the system automatically minimizes Minecraft when you interact with any other window or program while using dual monitors.

As one Reddit user describes it: "Minecraft defaults to fullscreen which minimizes when clicking outside the game window" (source). The core issue is that Minecraft is designed to take over the entire display in fullscreen mode, which is not compatible with dual monitor setups where you want to click between screens.

Switch Minecraft to Windowed or Borderless Window Mode

Switching Minecraft from fullscreen mode to windowed or borderless window mode is an easy way to prevent the game from minimizing when clicking on a second screen. Windowed and borderless window modes allow Minecraft to run seamlessly in the background without minimizing when you click outside of the game window.

To switch to windowed mode, press the F11 key while in the game. This will toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode (source). You can also change the setting through the Video Settings menu by selecting "Windowed" under Fullscreen options.

For borderless window mode, you'll need to install a mod like OptiFine or use a third party tool like DisplayFusion. Borderless window prevents the operating system from minimizing the game when clicking on other windows (source).

Running Minecraft in windowed or borderless window mode allows for easier multitasking and prevents the game from minimizing when using a second display. This creates a smoother experience without interruptions.

Use a Third Party App to Prevent Minimization

A convenient way to stop Minecraft from minimizing when clicking on a second screen is to use a third party app that lets you control window focus. Apps like DisplayFusion and Actual Multiple Monitors give you options to configure rules and settings that will keep Minecraft active even when clicking on another display.

For example, in DisplayFusion you can go to the Functions tab for a game's window and enable "Prevent Window Deactivation". This will stop the window from losing focus when you click elsewhere. You can also set keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle a window between states.

The advantage of third party apps is it takes the guesswork out of fiddling with graphics settings. You can directly configure window behaviors for both displays. For avid dual screen users that play games frequently, a utility like DisplayFusion may be worth the one-time purchase cost for the robust window management features.

Overall, if you find yourself frustrated by games minimizing when using a second display, be sure to check out multi-monitor software. The customization and shortcut options of these apps make it easy to stop minimization so you can focus on your game.

Adjust Graphics Settings to Prevent Minimization

One way to stop Minecraft from minimizing when clicking on a second screen is to adjust the game's graphics and display settings. Settings like vertical sync, display scaling, and resolution can be tweaked to optimize Minecraft for dual monitor use.

Vertical sync synchronizes the game's frame rate with the monitor's refresh rate which can prevent screen tearing or stuttering when using multiple displays. Enabling vsync in Minecraft's video settings may help it run smoother across two screens.

The display scaling setting controls the game's rendering resolution versus the monitor's native resolution. Setting this to "Fullscreen" can override the default fullscreen behavior and prevent minimizing when clicking outside the game window.

It may also help to lower Minecraft's in-game resolution to more closely match the combined resolution of your dual displays. This requires some experimentation to find the ideal resolution that allows fullscreen across both monitors.

By adjusting these graphics options, you can configure Minecraft to work properly with your multiple monitor setup without minimizing out of the game.[1]

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Toggle Fullscreen

One of the quickest ways to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode in Minecraft is by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter. This handy shortcut works seamlessly in the background while you're playing the game, allowing you to quickly toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode without having to go into the in-game video settings menu.

The Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut is commonly used in many games and programs to instantly toggle fullscreen mode. By simply pressing down the Alt key and Enter key at the same time, you can easily change Minecraft between being displayed across your entire monitor or contained within a resizable window.

This makes it easy to quickly go fullscreen when you want to focus on Minecraft without distractions from other windows. And you can instantly switch back to windowed mode to access other apps or webpages on a second display. The ability to swiftly toggle back and forth allows for greater flexibility when using Minecraft with a multi-monitor setup.

Rather than navigating menus and applying changes, just use Alt + Enter to conveniently change modes without missing a beat in your gameplay. It's one of the most straightforward solutions for preventing Minecraft from minimizing when clicking outside the window on a second screen.