In Minecraft, durability represents how much longer an item can last before it breaks. Tracking durability is important so you know when tools and weapons are close to breaking, and can repair or replace them before they become unusable. There are several methods to check the durability remaining on your items in Minecraft.


Durability is an essential mechanic in Minecraft that determines how long items like tools, weapons and armor will last before they break. As you use items, their durability decreases until it reaches 0 and the item is destroyed. Keeping an eye on your items' durability and repairing them before they break is vital to maintaining your effectiveness and preventing lost resources from having to recreate destroyed gear.

In this guide, we'll go over several ways to monitor and display item durability in Minecraft so you can keep your equipment operating at peak performance. From built-in inventory tools to third party mods, these durability management methods will help you get the absolute most out of your high-level gear.

View Durability in Inventory

The easiest way to check the durability of an item in Minecraft is to simply hover your mouse over the item, either in your inventory or on the hotbar. When you hover over an item, a durability bar will appear underneath it. This durability bar gives a visual indication of how much damage is currently on the item. A green bar means the item is in good condition and has high durability. As the item takes damage, the bar will shift from green to yellow to red, indicating lower durability.

Watching this durability bar is a quick way to monitor item condition without opening menus or pressing any buttons. It's always shown when hovering in the inventory on Java and Bedrock editions. The bar shrinks as you use the item more, so keep an eye on it to know when your tools/weapons/armor are close to breaking.


Use F3 + H in Java Edition

One way to view an item's durability in Minecraft Java Edition is by using the F3 + H keyboard shortcut. Pressing F3 + H will toggle advanced item tooltips that display additional information when you hover over an item in your inventory or hotbar.

When advanced tooltips are enabled, damaged items will show their durability as a numerical value out of the total durability. For example, an iron pickaxe with 432 durability remaining out of 1561 total will display "Durability: 432 / 1561". This allows you to get an exact reading of how much durability an item has left before breaking.

The F3 + H shortcut is very useful for getting precise durability values in Java Edition. It works both in singleplayer and multiplayer servers. However, keep in mind that the F3 screen does not function in Bedrock Edition.

If F3 + H does not work, try using FN + F3 + H on laptops and make sure the function keys are enabled over special function keys in your system settings. F3 + H is toggled on and off each time you press it.

Enable in Options Menu

You can enable advanced item tooltips through Minecraft's options menu. Here's how:

Open the options.txt file located in your .minecraft folder. You can find this by going to the .minecraft folder in your appdata directory. The typical location is:


Once you have options.txt open in a text editor, find the setting for "advancedItemTooltips" and change it from false to true.

Save the options.txt file and close it. Restart your Minecraft game for this change to take effect.

Now when you hover over items in your inventory or storage containers, you'll see the exact durability value if the item is damaged.

This makes it easy to check durability on items without needing to install any mods. Just toggle it on in the options menu.

Third Party Mods

There are some great third party mods that add durability displays right onto items in Minecraft. These client mods show handy durability numbers and colors on tools, weapons, and armor so you can easily track condition without opening your inventory.

Durability Viewer is a popular mod that works for both Java and Bedrock editions. It displays a durability bar under items that lets you monitor wear and tear. The bar uses a color scale from green (high durability) to red (low durability) to indicate condition.

Show Durability is another client mod for Java and Bedrock. It adds a numerical durability counter directly onto items. This gives an exact percentage or point reading for durability, which is useful for precision.

Mods like these provide at-a-glance durability feedback as you use items. You don't have to stop and check tooltips to see condition. Durability becomes obvious from the numbers or bars shown right on the equipped item.