Introduction to Seeing in the Dark in Minecraft

Being able to see clearly at night or in dark areas is extremely important for survival and exploration in Minecraft. Without proper night vision, players will be vulnerable to monster attacks and unable to navigate caves or operate effectively when the sun goes down.

There are a few different methods players can use to gain the ability to see in the dark in Minecraft. The main options include brewing night vision potions, using commands to activate night vision instantly, traveling to the Deep Dark biome which has natural night vision, and installing night vision texture packs.

This guide will go over these key strategies for obtaining night vision in Minecraft, whether through potion brewing, commands, environmental effects, or texture packs. Read on to learn how to maximize your vision and survive the darkness in Minecraft!

Brewing Night Vision Potions

Night vision potions allow players to see in complete darkness as if they were in broad daylight in Minecraft. Brewing a basic night vision potion is simple once you have the main ingredient - golden carrots. Here are the steps to brew up some night vision:


  • 1 Glass Bottle
  • 1 Nether Wart
  • 1 Golden Carrot

Brewing Instructions

Follow these steps to brew a basic Night Vision potion:

  1. Fill the glass bottle with water by right-clicking on a water source block while holding the glass bottle.
  2. Place the filled glass bottle in the brewing stand and add nether wart to make an Awkward Potion.
  3. Once the Awkward Potion is brewed, add the golden carrot to make a Night Vision potion (3:00 duration).

Drink the completed potion to gain night vision abilities for 3 minutes. Repeat the brewing process to have a stock of Night Vision potions.

Extending Duration

Add redstone dust to an existing Night Vision potion to increase the duration up to 8 minutes. You can also reuse an existing Night Vision potion by adding another golden carrot to reset the timer.

Check out this guide for more details on brewing up Night Vision potions.

Using Commands to Get Night Vision

You can use commands to get night vision in both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. This allows you to gain the night vision effect instantly without having to gather ingredients and brew a potion.

In Java Edition, the command is:
/effect give @p night_vision 999999 1 true

This will give you infinite night vision. The 999999 is the duration in seconds, so a very high number makes it last indefinitely. The 1 is the effect level, and true makes the particles hidden.

For Bedrock Edition, the command is slightly different:
/effect @p night_vision 999999 1

This functions the same, just without the "give" and the "true" at the end.

The main benefits of using commands are that you don't have to gather ingredients or brew potions. You can get night vision instantly, and it lasts indefinitely without having to keep drinking potions. This makes exploring dark areas like caves much easier. The downside is that it requires enabling cheats/commands on your world.

Finding the Deep Dark Biome

The Deep Dark biome generates deep underground in the Overworld at low levels of erosion. To find it, players will need to explore existing cave systems and mine shafts down to the lowest depths of the world.

Since the Deep Dark biome is extremely dark, it is crucial to bring plenty of torches, lanterns, or other light sources. Without proper lighting, players will be unable to see dangers like lava pools or hostile mobs that spawn in darkness.

Unique features of the Deep Dark biome include the blue fog that fills the air and eerie ambient sounds. Strange sculk blocks and sculk catalysts can also be found growing in this biome. According to, the sculk sensors found here will alert the nearby Warden mob if players make too much noise.

By tunneling down to lower levels below Y=0, players are likely to come across the Deep Dark biome with its ominous atmosphere. Just remember to place torches or else you may find yourself in perilous darkness!

Night Vision Texture Packs

Texture packs in Minecraft allow players to modify visual elements of the game through changing textures, models, sounds, and more. Some packs are designed to simulate having night vision at all times. These packs will brighten up the in-game lighting and make everything easily visible, even in the darkest areas.

There are night vision texture packs available for both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. For Java Edition, some popular options include Slick's Night Vision Pack and Luna's Vibrant Shaders. For Minecraft Bedrock, the Simple Night Vision Pack and Vanilla RTX Night Vision Pack are good choices. These packs often work across multiple versions, but always check for compatibility.

To install a night vision texture pack, players must download the file and place it in their resource pack folder. The pack can then be activated from the Resource Packs menu. This allows seeing in the dark throughout Minecraft without relying on potions or commands. However, it does change the intended visual style of the game.

For more details on installing and using night vision texture packs, check out and this tutorial video.