Enchanted fishing rods are a powerful tool in Minecraft that can help players catch valuable loot while fishing. An enchanted fishing rod has special enchantments added through an enchanting table or anvil that improve the rod's durability, increase luck while fishing, and even repair the rod over time. This article will explain how to create an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft, the best enchantments to use, and how to repair the rod if it becomes damaged.

Repairing with Anvils

Anvils are one of the main ways to repair enchanted fishing rods in Minecraft. By combining the damaged fishing rod with a regular fishing rod or enchanted book in an anvil, you can repair and even improve the rod's durability and enchantments.

To repair using materials, simply place the damaged enchanted fishing rod and a regular fishing rod in the anvil interface. When you combine the two rods in the anvil, it will repair the durability and also combine any enchantments from both rods onto the single repaired rod (source: This method costs XP levels based on the enchantments.

You can also combine the enchanted fishing rod with an enchanted book in an anvil. The enchanted book will repair the fishing rod's durability, but it will not combine enchantments like using a regular rod would. It simply repairs the item (source:

Enchanting with Mending for Self Repair

One of the best enchantments to add to a fishing rod is Mending. The Mending enchantment will repair the fishing rod whenever you gain experience points while fishing. This allows the rod to have virtually infinite durability as long as you are gaining XP.

To add the Mending enchantment, you first need to obtain a Mending enchanted book, which can occasionally be fished up or found in loot chests. You can then combine the Mending book with the fishing rod on an anvil to transfer the enchantment. The anvil is required to add Mending to a rod even if it has no prior enchantments.

Having Mending on a rod ensures it will never break from constant fishing as long as you are able to gain XP. The rod will repair itself using the XP orbs collected while fishing. This makes Mending exceptionally useful for fishing rods over other repair methods. However, you still need an anvil to initially add the enchantment from a book.

Fixing Missing or Blank Enchantments

Sometimes enchantments on a fishing rod can disappear or show up blank after repairing or combining rods on an anvil. According to reports on the Minecraft forums and Reddit, this appears to be a bug that affects both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft [1] [2].

When an enchanted fishing rod's enchantments disappear or show blank, the solution is to remove all enchantments from the rod using an anvil. This will reset the rod to an unenchanted state. You can then place the fishing rod on an enchanting table to re-enchant it. Adding new enchantments should make them appear properly again [3].

Be sure to have enough XP levels to re-enchant the fishing rod after the blank enchantments are removed. Applying bookshelves around the enchanting table can help increase your chances of higher level enchantments showing up. This fixes cases where enchantments mysteriously disappear from a fishing rod.

Conclusion: Repair and Enchant Your Fishing Rod for the Best Experience

In summary, there are a few key things to remember when repairing and enchanting your fishing rod in Minecraft. Using an anvil and materials is the easiest way to repair a damaged fishing rod and combine enchantments. Adding the Mending enchantment through an enchanting book allows the rod to self-repair when gaining XP through fishing. If enchantments disappear, you can remove and re-add them at an anvil and enchanting table.

For the optimal fishing rod, you'll want to enchant it with Mending, Unbreaking, and Luck of the Sea. Mending lets it self-repair, Unbreaking increases overall durability, and Luck of the Sea helps you catch better loot while fishing. With the right preparations, you can keep your rod working indefinitely and maximize your fishing efficiency in Minecraft.