Repairing your bow before it breaks is crucial in Minecraft. Bows are an essential ranged weapon against hostile mobs, but they have limited durability. An unrepaired bow can break unexpectedly during battle or exploration, leaving you defenseless. Losing your enchanted bow is an even bigger setback. By learning how to properly repair your bow, you can keep it working at peak performance and avoid the costly mistake of letting it break entirely. This guide will cover the different methods of repairing both regular and enchanted bows, so you never have to worry about your bow breaking again.

Repairing with an Anvil

One way to repair an enchanted bow in Minecraft is by using an anvil. To repair a bow with an anvil, place the damaged bow in the first slot and a new bow in the second slot When you combine the two bows, the repaired bow will have the combined durability of both bows and keep any existing enchantments.

The downside to using an anvil to repair a bow is that it costs experience levels. The amount of experience required depends on the enchantments on the bow and how damaged it is. Highly enchanted or nearly broken bows will cost more levels to repair. However, repairing with an anvil allows you to keep all enchantments intact without having to enchant the bow again.

Repairing with a Crafting Table

One way to repair a bow in Minecraft is by using a crafting table. This method allows you to combine two regular bows to repair and maintain any existing enchantments on the bows. Here's how it works:

Place two regular (unenchanted) bows next to each other on a 3x3 crafting grid. This will output a single repaired bow with the combined durability of both bows. If one of the bows is enchanted, the repaired bow will keep the enchantments from that bow.

For example, if you combine an enchanted bow with Power I with an unenchanted bow, the repaired bow will have the Power I enchantment. This makes crafting tables effective for keeping expensive enchantments on bows while still repairing durability.[1]

The main catch to using a crafting table is that you can't combine two already enchanted bows this way. At least one bow must be unenchanted. For bows with multiple enchantments, an anvil must be used instead.

Overall, crafting tables provide a quick, easy, and relatively cheap way to fix up bows and preserve enchantments in Minecraft.

Repairing with a Grindstone

A grindstone in Minecraft allows players to repair bows and other tools, but it removes any existing enchantments in the process. According to the Minecraft Wiki - Fandom, "A grindstone is a block that repairs items and tools as well as removing enchantments from them, except for curses." When a bow is placed in the top slot of a grindstone and the interact button is pressed, the bow will be repaired but any enchantments on it will be removed.

This can be useful if you have a nearly broken enchanted bow that is too expensive to repair with an anvil. By using a grindstone, you can repair the bow back to full durability while stripping off unwanted enchantments. As PC Gamer explains, "To repair without taking off enchantments, combine two of the same item in an anvil. To disenchant, craft a grindstone and put whatever item you want disenchanted in it and take it out."

So in summary, grindstones allow repairing of bows while removing enchantments, which can be useful for cheaply fixing up an overly-enchanted bow.

Tips for Repairing Bows

There are a few handy tips to keep in mind when repairing bows in Minecraft:

Using skeleton drops and sticks/string crafting are cheap ways to repair bows without using an anvil. Since skeletons drop bows upon death, collecting these can provide free repairs (cite: Crafting a new bow from scratch with sticks and string is also inexpensive.

If the anvil repair cost is too expensive, it's often best to simply make a brand new bow. The experience cost scales up dramatically after a few repairs (cite:

Monitor your bow's durability and be ready to swap to a fresh bow to avoid it breaking. Carrying multiple bows while exploring is wise in case one is about to break.

Don't forget to keep your arrow supply restocked as well. Having a bow with no arrows is useless!