Using Commands to Place Blocks and Items on Your Head

One of the easiest ways to put items on your head in Minecraft is by using the /replaceitem command. This command allows you to instantly replace an item in a player's inventory with any other item in the game. To place blocks or items on your head, you simply need to replace the helmet slot.

The basic syntax for the command is: /replaceitem entity slot item. For the helmet slot, the command would be: /replaceitem player slot.armor.head minecraft:item_name. You can replace "item_name" with any block or item in the game. For example: /replaceitem player slot.armor.head minecraft:pumpkin would place a pumpkin on your head!

This method works for a huge variety of blocks that can be worn as makeshift helmets. Some examples include pumpkins, banners, glass, coral, and more. Custom player heads also work great with this command. The replaceitem command makes it super easy to accessorize your character's head slot.

Putting Mob Heads on Your Head

There are a few different ways to obtain mob heads in Minecraft. The easiest way is to kill mobs like creepers, zombies, and skeletons. These mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed by a player. The drop chances are:

  • Creeper - 5%
  • Zombie and zombie variants - 2.5%
  • Skeleton and skeleton variants - 2.5%

Once you get a mob head, simply place it in your helmet armor slot to wear it. This will disguise you as that mob and lower detection range by 50% (source:

You can also use a dispenser to automatically place mob heads on a player. Put the desired mob head inside a dispenser and power it while aiming at a player to quickly apply the disguise.

Some of the most coveted mob heads are the dragon head and wither skeleton skull. These have very low drop rates from their respective bosses, but allow you to show off your accomplishments. Other cool mob heads include charged creeper, enderman, and player heads.

Accessorizing with Vanilla Items

One fun way to accessorize your character is by using the /item command to copy vanilla Minecraft items onto your head. By holding an item in your hand and entering the /item command, you can duplicate that item and place it onto your character's head.

This works for a wide variety of decorative and functional items in the game. For example, you can place flowers like dandelions and poppies on your head to create a cute, flowery look. Swords, tools like pickaxes and shovels, and food items like apples and cake can also be copied to your head slot.

Accessorizing with vanilla items is great for roleplaying servers, where you want your character to stand out. It also allows for fun costume ideas and wacky character customization for screenshots and videos. Players on servers can show off their creativity by decking their heads out with the most unlikely of items.

Applying Custom Player Heads

You can find a huge variety of custom player heads on websites like These sites have databases of thousands of unique heads that you can download.

To apply a custom head, you first need to find the skin URL or texture URL. This is usually listed on the head's page or can be found in the site's API. Copy this URL.

Then use a command like this in Minecraft to download and apply the head:

/replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:{Id:"URL",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"TEXTURE URL"}]}}}

Substitute the URL and texture URL into the command. When you run it, your player head will be replaced with the custom one.

You can find heads of popular characters from games, movies, memes and more. Apply heads of your favorite characters to roleplay or just for fun screenshots. The options are endless!

Decorating with Armor Stands

Armor stands in Minecraft allow for creative decoration using custom player heads. By placing down an armor stand and using commands, you can customize the stand by adding arms, posing its limbs, and equipping it with items.

To place an armor stand, simply use the item. Then you can use commands like /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:"PlayerName"} to add custom heads. This lets you decorate with heads of popular characters, memes, mobs, etc.

Pose armor stands by crouching and manipulating them to create unique displays. Rotate their bodies and arrangements for more options. For example, you could make a mob zoo, cityscape, or meme museum.

Armor stands combined with custom heads open up many possibilities for creative builds and scenes in Minecraft. Use them to showcase your collection of rare items or make an interactive display.[1]