What is the Sniffer Mob in Minecraft?

The Sniffer is a new ancient mob being added to Minecraft in the 1.20 update (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/sniffer-coming-minecraft-120). It is the first extinct mob to be revived and brought into the game. Sniffers are peaceful, friendly creatures that use their long snouts to sniff out ancient seeds buried underground.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, Sniffers do not spawn naturally in worlds and can only be obtained by finding and hatching their eggs (https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Sniffer). Their eggs are buried in warm ocean ruins and can be dug up using a brush.

Once hatched, Sniffers will wander around sniffing for ancient seeds. When they find some, they will dig up the seeds which can then be collected by players. Sniffers were the winner of the Mob Vote 2022 and bring some unique abilities and gameplay to Minecraft.

Obtaining a Saddle in Minecraft

There are a few different ways to get a saddle in Minecraft:

Crafting a saddle requires 4 leather and 2 string. To craft it, place the leather in the corners of the crafting grid and the string in the middle slots:

Saddles can also sometimes be found ready-made in dungeon chests, village chests, ruined portal chests, shipwreck chests, and desert temple chests. The loot table chance of finding a saddle in a chest is around 8.5%.[1]

Fishing is another way to obtain saddles. They can be fished up as a "treasure" item with an approximate 0.8% chance when fishing without any enchantments. The Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chances.[2]

Finally, saddles can be traded for with master-level leatherworker villagers, expert-level fletcher villagers, novice-level fisherman, and piglins. Piglins will give you a saddle when bartering with them with about a 14.3% chance.[3]

So in summary, crafting, finding in chests, fishing, and trading with villagers or piglins are reliable ways to get saddles in Minecraft survival mode.

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Putting the Saddle on the Sniffer

To equip a saddle onto a Sniffer in Minecraft, you will need to right click on the Sniffer while holding the saddle in your hand. This will open up the Sniffer's inventory screen and place the saddle in the armor slot.

The saddle is equipped in the armor slot, similar to horse armor or a chest on a llama. Only one piece of armor can be equipped at a time, so the Sniffer cannot wear both a saddle and chest at the same time.

You can also add a name tag to your Sniffer in addition to the saddle. Name tags allow you to customize the name that appears above your Sniffer when riding it or having it follow you.

According to this tutorial, right clicking is the standard game control for equipping saddles across Minecraft editions including Java and Bedrock.

Controlling the Sniffer Mount

Once you have equipped the saddle onto the Sniffer, you can begin riding and controlling it. The main method for steering the Sniffer is by using a carrot on a stick. Hold the carrot on a stick in your hand and the Sniffer will move in the direction you are facing when you right click. This allows you to turn the Sniffer left and right and guide it where you want to go.

To dismount from the Sniffer, simply sneak while riding by holding shift. This will make you slowly slide off the Sniffer's back and dismount.

The Sniffer has room for 1-2 riders at a time. If two players want to ride the same Sniffer, one player needs to mount it first before the second player can get on. Having a friend join you on your Sniffer can make exploration even more fun!

Overall, controlling the Sniffer is straightforward - click with the carrot on a stick to steer, sneak to dismount, and you can have a buddy ride along too. This makes the Sniffer an enjoyable and simple mount to use for transportation and adventure in Minecraft.

Uses for Riding Sniffers

Once you have a Sniffer equipped with a saddle in Minecraft, there are some fun and useful ways you can utilize your new mount:

Ride the Sniffer to explore your Minecraft world faster. Sniffers can cover ground quickly, allowing you to traverse biomes and find new areas efficiently. Their ability to swim can also help you navigate over rivers and oceans.

Show off your awesome new Sniffer mount to impress your friends. Sniffers are one of the newest mobs in Minecraft, so riding one will make you stand out.

Roleplay as an archeologist uncovering ancient seeds. Pretend you are traveling the world on your Sniffer to dig up ancient plants and artifacts. The Sniffer's ability to find seeds fits right into this adventure theme.

Overall, having a Sniffer mount alongside you in Minecraft opens up new possibilities for transportation, showing off, and roleplaying fun. Saddling up a Sniffer can lead to all kinds of new experiences as you play.