In Minecraft, camels are currently limited in their functionality as storage animals. Unlike horses or donkeys which can equip chests to transport items, camels do not have that capability in vanilla Minecraft. However, many Minecraft players have requested the ability to put chests on camels in order to utilize them for transporting goods through deserts.

According to the Minecraft community on the official feedback site, there is a popular desire to have chests added to camels. Camels were often used historically to transport items through desert biomes with the goods carried in saddlebags. Players want that same functionality brought to Minecraft so camels can equip chests and hold inventory for long distance travel and storage.

Current Camel Uses

In Minecraft 1.20 and later, camels can already be used for some basic storage and transportation needs. Players have discovered several helpful ways to use camels before chests are officially implemented:

Camels can be ridden by one player at a time. When mounted, the camel's small 1-slot inventory can be used to carry an extra item like a saddle or cactus for feeding. Riding your camel lets you transport an additional item in its inventory.

Camels can also be led when attached to a lead. This allows you to walk your camel alongside you and take advantage of its 1-slot inventory for item transport. Leading your camel on a leash lets you bring an extra item on journeys through the desert (Camel - Minecraft Wiki - Fandom).

While limited, these basic uses of camel inventory and transportation can help players before the much-requested chest functionality is added.

Community Feedback on Camel Chests

Many Minecraft players have voiced interest in camel chest functionality on the official Minecraft feedback forums. There are numerous suggestions proposing that camels should be able to equip chests in order to transport items, similar to how they have historically carried goods through deserts in the real world.

The Minecraft community has suggested ideas for camels to have 1 or 2 chests available, but with reduced storage compared to a regular chest. This would prevent camels from being overpowered. There are also requests that chest access should require the camel being ridden by just 1 player at a time, to balance the functionality.

Many players see camel chests as a logical addition that would expand transportation options. The consistent player feedback shows there is demand for Mojang to implement this feature in a future Minecraft update.

Temporary Storage Options

Until camels can equip chests in a future Minecraft update, players have some options for temporarily storing items while transporting them on camels.

One method is to simply store items in the camel's inventory, which has one slot. While limited, this allows you to transport a stack of items. Just equip the camel with a saddle, then right click on the camel while holding the item you want stored to place it in the inventory slot.

Another temporary solution is to store items in your own inventory while riding the camel. As camels can only be ridden by one player at a time, you can fill your personal inventory with stacks of items before mounting the camel. Ride the camel while carrying the items to transport them.[1]

Finally, you can transport items by equipping the camel with a lead and having it pull chests or other storage containers. Place the desired items inside a chest or other storage block, attach the camel's lead, and guide the camel to haul the storage where you want the items moved.

Future Camel Chest Implementation

While camels currently cannot equip chests in Minecraft, this highly requested feature will likely be added in future updates based on community feedback. As mentioned on the Minecraft Wiki Fandom site, new features like camel chests are often previewed in Minecraft's planned versions before official release (

The addition of chests would greatly expand the transportation uses for camels. Players could store more items and materials when traveling through deserts and savannas. According to Minecraft-Archive's Future Content page, these biomes will see expanded features soon (

Camel chests would also probably be customizable like llama chests, allowing different carpet designs. The Minecraft developers seem committed to improving camel functionality based on player requests. With storage being a major limitation right now, chests appear to be a planned upgrade coming in future Minecraft versions.