Using a Shovel

The easiest method to put out a campfire in Minecraft is to use a shovel on it. Simply right-click on the campfire block with a shovel and it will immediately extinguish the flames.

Shovels are one of the easiest tools to craft early in the game using wood planks and sticks. It's handy to keep a shovel in your inventory to safely manage campfires on the go.

Using a shovel on a campfire does not actually destroy the campfire block, it just temporarily puts out the fire. This means you can re-light the campfire later whenever you want. According to the Minecraft subreddit, using a shovel is the quickest and most convenient way to extinguish a campfire's flames.

Using Water

Pouring a bucket of water on the campfire will put out the flames instantly. Water buckets are handy to carry when exploring to extinguish lava or put out fires, as noted in this guide on how to put out a campfire in Minecraft. The campfire will need to be relit after being doused with water. The structure itself will remain intact.

Smothering the Flames

One way to extinguish a campfire without destroying it is by smothering the flames. This cuts off the oxygen supply and suffocates the fire. According to the Minecraft Wiki, placing blocks above a campfire blocks the smoke particles and puts out the flames.

Using transparent blocks like glass or trapdoors to cover a campfire allows you to smother the fire while still being able to see the campfire structure underneath. The smoke will be contained and the flames extinguished. This is useful if you want to keep the campfire intact but stop it from burning temporarily.

Smothering is safer than letting a campfire burn out on its own, as it ensures no remaining embers or small flames continue burning once you leave the area. It also prevents the campfire from spreading or flammable blocks nearby catching fire. Once smothered, the campfire can be easily uncovered and relit when needed again.

Let it Burn Out

Campfires will burn out on their own after a period of time without needing any intervention. According to the 1/2-Inch Rule, campfires will burn for about 1 hour per 1/2 inch of firewood. So a typical campfire may burn for 3-4 hours before going out by itself.

However, it is not recommended to just let a campfire burn unattended until it extinguishes itself. You should stay and monitor the campfire until the flames and embers have fully died down. Embers can still remain hot and could potentially rekindle or spread if not properly put out.

Once the fire has gone out, be sure to clear away any remaining charcoal, ash or smoldering sticks/logs from the campfire pit. Check the surrounding area for any stray sparks or embers that may have popped out while burning. Properly disposing of the remnants ensures no accidental fires start up again.

Safely Managing Campfires

When using campfires in Minecraft, it's important to manage them safely to avoid accidental fires spreading. Here are some tips:

Have a shovel, water bucket, and blocks ready in your hotbar to quickly extinguish fires if they start spreading. Shovels can instantly put out campfire flames as noted on the Minecraft Wiki Campfire page.

Don't build campfires near flammable blocks like trees, wool blocks, or wooden structures according to the How To Use Campfires In Minecraft tutorial. Leave a buffer of at least 5 non-flammable blocks between the campfire and flammable blocks.

Only make campfires in locations where you intend for them to be. When you're done using a campfire, be sure to dismantle it fully and clear away any remaining smoldering items so it can't accidentally reignite according to the SportsKeeda Campfire Wiki. Don't leave campfires unattended.

Follow these basic campfire safety precautions in Minecraft and you can enjoy using campfires without having to worry about accidentally burning down your builds!