Split screen multiplayer allows two or more players to play Minecraft locally on the same Nintendo Switch console and TV screen at the same time. The screen gets divided into sections so each player has their own view. This is a fun way for multiple people to explore and play Minecraft together in the same physical location.

Before you can play split screen multiplayer in Minecraft on the Switch, you'll need to make sure you have enough controllers synced to the console for the number of players. The game also needs to be launched in multiplayer mode to enable split screen. You can then configure the split screen layout and other options to optimize the experience.

Set Up Controllers

In order for multiple players to enjoy split-screen Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, each player will need their own controller. The Switch can support up to 8 wireless controllers connected at once. The Joy-Cons that come with the Switch can be used by players, or you can sync additional controllers like the Pro Controller.

To connect extra controllers, go to System Settings on the Switch, then select "Controllers and Sensors." Choose "Manage Controllers" and then select "Pair New Controllers." Press buttons on the controller you want to sync and follow the on-screen pairing instructions. Repeat for any additional controllers. The Switch will assign each controller a number that displays on screen when connected.

Make sure all controllers have a full charge before starting a multiplayer game session. You can check battery levels under Settings as well. Having extra battery packs or charging cables on hand is recommended for longer gameplay. Nothing's worse than a controller dying mid-game!

Launch Game in Multiplayer Mode

To start playing Minecraft in splitscreen multiplayer mode on your Nintendo Switch, you'll first need to launch the game and select the "Multiplayer" option from the main menu. This will take you to the multiplayer mode screen.

From there, you can choose to either join an existing Minecraft world that has already been created, or start a brand new world. If starting a new world, you'll be able to customize the settings like world size, difficulty, etc.

Once you've selected a world to load into, the game will initialize that world. At this point, have the additional players press the "+" button on their controllers to join the world. This will add their character into the splitscreen multiplayer session.

According to this Minecraft help article, up to 4 players can join a splitscreen multiplayer session on the Switch in this way. So once all players have pressed "+" and joined, you'll be ready to start playing together in that Minecraft world!

Configure Split Screen Options

Once you have launched Minecraft in multiplayer mode, you can customize the split screen options to optimize the gameplay experience. One key setting is choosing between horizontal and vertical split screen layouts. With horizontal split screen, the screen divides the gameplay in half between the players, one on top and the other on bottom. Vertical split screen means the screen splits between left and right sides. Try both orientations to see which view you prefer.

You can also set individual spawn points for each player in the world. This allows you to choose where on the map you start out when loading into a multiplayer session. It's often helpful to set different spawn points so players don't collide at the beginning. Open the settings menu and find the tab for configuring multiplayer options to set custom spawn points.

Lastly, you can toggle player vs player (PVP) combat on or off. With PVP enabled, players can attack and damage each other. Turning PVP off makes it so players cannot inflict harm on one another. Enable PVP if you want to battle, or turn it off for a more cooperative experience. You can find the PVP setting under multiplayer options as well.

Play Online with Friends

One of the best features of Minecraft on Switch is the ability to play split screen with up to 4 players while also playing online with friends. To do this, simply launch Minecraft in split screen mode with 2-4 local players. Then, open up the multiplayer menu and select an online world to join or create a new world and invite friends.

Up to 4 players sharing the same screen can explore and play together in split screen, while also adventuring with online friends. You can join any of your online friend's worlds even while playing splitscreen locally. Voice chat is also enabled, so you can talk to your online friends while sitting next to your local split screen players.

This makes gaming nights with groups of friends easy and interactive. No longer does one player have to sit out while you adventure online. With split screen plus online multiplayer, the whole gang can play together at the same time on Switch! Just make sure you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to access online play.