Play Locally with Split Screen Multiplayer

One way to play Minecraft with friends without PlayStation Plus is by using split screen multiplayer on a single PS4 console. This allows multiple players to play together using separate controllers connected to the same system, without needing PS Plus subscriptions.

To set up split screen multiplayer, first have each player sign into a separate local PlayStation Network (PSN) account on the PS4. This will allow up to four players to access Minecraft's multiplayer features on the same console.

When creating a new Minecraft world, go to the world options and toggle multiplayer on. You can then adjust the maximum number of players to match how many controllers are connected. With split screen enabled, each player will have their own view displayed on part of the TV screen.

According to Alphr, this local split screen process allows groups of friends or families to play Minecraft together without needing to pay for PlayStation Plus subscriptions. As long as each player has their own PSN account, up to four people can explore Minecraft multiplayer on a single PS4 console.

LAN Multiplayer for Connected Consoles

You can play Minecraft with friends locally by connecting multiple PS4 consoles together on the same network without needing PlayStation Plus. Simply connect two or more PS4s in the same location using ethernet cables to create a local area network (LAN).

With the consoles networked via LAN, only one PlayStation Plus subscription is required to access Minecraft's multiplayer servers. As long as one player has an active PS Plus membership, all connected consoles will be able to join multiplayer games.

To get started, have each player sign into their own PlayStation Network (PSN) account on their respective PS4. One player can then host a world with multiplayer enabled. The other players on the LAN can see and join the hosted world as long as one PS Plus account is present across all consoles.

LAN multiplayer is a great way to play Minecraft with friends and family locally. By connecting PS4 consoles on the same network, you can enjoy multiplayer gaming without each person needing their own PlayStation Plus membership.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Minecraft offers cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 4 and other platforms, allowing you to play with friends even if they are on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, or PC. To enable cross-platform multiplayer on your PS4, you need to link your PlayStation Network account to a Microsoft account.

Here's how to set up cross-platform multiplayer between PS4 and other devices:

  1. Create a Microsoft/Xbox Live account if you don't already have one. This can be done at
  2. On your PS4, go to Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services and link your PSN with your Microsoft account.
  3. Have your friends do the same on their platforms to link their accounts.
  4. You can now invite each other and join cross-platform multiplayer games and Realms servers.

The key benefit is that PS Plus is not required to play online multiplayer with friends on other platforms. As long as your accounts are linked, you can enjoy Minecraft multiplayer together across different devices.

Adjust Privacy Settings

To restrict access and avoid unwanted requests while playing online on PlayStation 4, you can adjust the privacy settings on your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. This allows you to control who can interact with you in multiplayer Minecraft on PS4.

In your PlayStation settings, go to the Users and Accounts menu and select Privacy Settings. Here you can choose between preset privacy levels or customize your settings for certain features like Messages, Friend Requests, and Game Invitations (source).

Setting these options to "Friends Only" will ensure that only players already on your PSN friends list can send you messages, invites, and requests within multiplayer Minecraft. This avoids any unwanted contact from random players (source).

You can also manage the privacy settings directly on your Microsoft account connected to PSN. Under Privacy Settings, customize options like Contact and Content Sharing to further control who can interact with you in Minecraft multiplayer (source).

Explore Free Multiplayer Games

You can enjoy quality multiplayer gaming experiences without a PlayStation Plus subscription by exploring the many free-to-play games available. Titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends offer online multiplayer modes completely free of charge.

These free games provide the full competitive and cooperative online multiplayer experience without being locked behind a paywall. You can squad up with friends or get matched with other players without needing to pay for PS Plus.

The benefit of these free-to-play games is that you can switch seamlessly between them and paid multiplayer games as you want. If your PS Plus subscription lapses or you don't want to renew it, you can still satisfy your multiplayer gaming needs with the expansive library of quality free games.

Titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends receive frequent updates and have vibrant online communities engaged in competitive play. You don't need to miss out on exciting multiplayer action just because you don't have PS Plus.