Stained glass is a decorative building block in Minecraft that allows light to pass through while adding color. It is made by dying glass with dye. White stained glass is one of the many stained glass variants and has a clean, bright look.

This article will explain how to craft white stained glass in Minecraft. Both white stained glass blocks and panes will be covered. We'll also discuss uses for white stained glass and how to obtain the required materials.

Crafting White Stained Glass Blocks

To craft white stained glass blocks in Minecraft, you'll need to use a 3x3 crafting grid. Place 8 glass blocks around the outer edges of the grid, filling every slot except for the very center one. For the center slot, place 1 white dye. It is important to position the glass and dye correctly in their specified spots in the 3x3 grid.

As explained on the Minecraft Wiki, once the glass and dye are positioned properly in the crafting table, the output will be 8 white stained glass blocks.

Crafting White Stained Glass Panes

White stained glass panes are crafted differently from blocks, using only glass and not dye or any other ingredients.

To craft white stained glass panes, place 6 glass blocks in the bottom two rows of the 3x3 crafting grid, filling those 6 slots (Source: This will yield 16 white stained glass panes.

The glass used can be any color, and the resulting panes will take on that color. So using white stained glass blocks will create white stained glass panes. Using regular clear glass blocks will result in regular clear glass panes.

The key difference from crafting stained glass blocks is that panes do not require any dye at all. Simply arrange the glass blocks in the bottom two rows of the crafting grid.

Uses for White Stained Glass

White stained glass has several common uses in Minecraft builds and structures. Its transparent white color allows light to pass through while maintaining a level of privacy and obscurity compared to normal glass blocks.

One of the most popular uses is for decorating windows in houses, buildings, temples, and other structures. The white stained glass allows exterior light to shine in while preventing outsiders from easily seeing inside. This provides natural lighting without sacrificing aesthetics or privacy.

In addition to windows, white stained glass can be used for purely decorative purposes on buildings. It adds a pop of color and design that can complement other block types used in the structure. Many players incorporate stained glass into walls, ceilings, and floor designs.

Since it does not block light like opaque blocks, white stained glass is useful for letting light into underground rooms and builds. It brightens up caverns and interior spaces when placed strategically in walls or ceilings.

Compared to normal glass which appears very transparent, the white color stands out more while still letting light pass through. This allows players to add colorful accents to corner pillars, underwater tunnels, mob farms, and more without sacrificing necessary light levels.

Obtaining Materials for White Stained Glass

To make white stained glass in Minecraft, first you need to obtain the basic ingredients - glass and white dye.

Glass can be acquired by smelting sand in a furnace. Sand is common in desert and beach biomes, and can be quickly gathered and smelted into glass blocks.

For white dye, there are a couple options. Bonemeal is one of the easiest ways to make white dye. Simply craft bonemeal from bones collected from skeletons or other mob drops. Another option is using ink sacs - combining four ink sacs with lime water makes white dye. Ink sacs can be obtained by killing squid.

While this recipe is for white stained glass specifically, these same glass and dye ingredients can be combined with other dye colors like red, blue, yellow, etc to craft stained glass in any color!