What is a Weaponsmith Villager?

In Minecraft, a weaponsmith is a villager profession that focuses on trading weapons, tools, and armor. Weaponsmith villagers are identified by their brown robes and black aprons. This profession was added to Minecraft in the 1.14 Village & Pillage update.

Weaponsmith villagers will sell iron and diamond swords, axes, shovels and armor pieces. Many of the weapon and tool trades can be enchanted, allowing players to acquire high level gear. For example, a master level weaponsmith may offer enchanted diamond swords and axes with powerful enchantments like Sharpness V or Fortune III.

Having a weaponsmith in a village can be very useful for gearing up and acquiring enchanted items without having to enchant them yourself. The weaponsmith profession fills an important trading niche by providing players with combat-focused equipment.https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/how-make-weaponsmith-minecraft

How to Create a Weaponsmith

To create a weaponsmith villager in Minecraft, the first step is to craft a grindstone. According to Gameskays, a grindstone can be made with 2 sticks, 2 wooden planks, and 1 stone slab. Once you have a grindstone, place it near an unemployed villager.

The villager will then link to the nearby grindstone block and take on the weaponsmith profession. However, the initial trades offered by the new weaponsmith may not be ideal. To refresh the trades, simply break the grindstone with a pickaxe and place it back down again. The villager will reconnect with the grindstone, randomizing the trades once more.

As you continue trading with a weaponsmith villager, their trades will improve over time as they level up. Higher tier trades will unlock iron swords, axes, armor, and even enchanted diamond gear according to Minecraft Max. With enough trading, you can turn a novice weaponsmith into an expert or master with maxed out trades.

Weaponsmith Workstation Block

The grindstone block functions as the workstation block that weaponsmith villagers in Minecraft will claim in order to link to their profession. To craft a grindstone, you need 2 wooden planks and 2 sticks (source: https://www.thegamer.com/minecraft-villager-workstation-guide/). Place the grindstone block down near an unemployed villager without a profession in Minecraft, and they will claim the grindstone as their workstation and become a weaponsmith villager. Weaponsmith villagers in Minecraft will automatically link to a nearby grindstone block to acquire their profession.

It's important to note that the grindstone block itself doesn't actually have anything to do with the weaponsmith's abilities or trades. It simply acts as a marker for the villager to link up to the weaponsmith profession. Once you place down a grindstone near an unemployed villager, they will claim that grindstone block as their own and take on the weaponsmith profession (source: https://onovia.com/2019/04/23/minecraft-villagers-and-their-professions/). This allows you to easily create weaponsmith villagers at will by crafting and placing grindstone blocks.

Trading with a Weaponsmith

Weaponsmith villagers offer some of the most useful trades for acquiring high-level gear and weapons in Minecraft. Their main items for trading include iron and diamond swords, axes, and armor.

With enough leveling up through trading, weaponsmiths will begin offering enchanted diamond gear as well, including swords with Sharpness, axes with Efficiency, and armor with Protection enchantments. These are incredibly valuable trades not found anywhere else (source: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/5-best-weaponsmith-villager-trades-minecraft).

There are a couple ways to improve a weaponsmith's trades. Curing zombie villagers is an excellent option, as this will turn them into discounted traders. Gaining the Hero of the Village effect by defending a village raid will also level up weaponsmith prices and unlock higher tiers. With enough curing and defending, you can max out a weaponsmith's trades to master or expert level for the very best gear (source: https://www.eggradients.com/blog/weaponsmith-minecraft).

Finding Weaponsmith Villages

Natural village weaponsmiths are quite rare in Minecraft. You can come across them by chance when exploring NPC villages, but the odds of finding one are low. A more reliable method is to transport villagers to your base and convert them into weaponsmiths using grindstone blocks.

To do this, first build a small room or hallway with several beds and job site blocks like grindstones. Then lure 2-3 unemployed villagers into this space using boats or minecarts. Interact with each villager and place beds near them until they claim those beds. Finally, put grindstones next to the villagers - they will link to the grindstone blocks and take on the weaponsmith profession.

You can also use commands and cheats to spawn weaponsmith villagers instantly. For example, on Java Edition you can use:
/summon villager ~ ~ ~ {VillagerData:{profession:toolsmith,level:5}}

And on Bedrock Edition:
/summon villager ~ ~ ~ weaponsmith

This will summon a max level weaponsmith villager ready for trading. Commands let you skip the work of curing zombies or building reputation.