Introduction to Underwater TNT

Underwater TNT is a special type of TNT added in Minecraft Education Edition that can explode underwater without being destroyed. It allows for controlled underwater explosions which can be useful for underwater mining and excavation projects.

Underwater TNT is crafted by combining regular TNT with sodium, the element number 11 found in the Education Edition. To obtain the materials, you can find TNT in chests or craft it using gunpowder and sand. Sodium can be mined in the Education Edition.

The process for making underwater TNT involves gathering the TNT and sodium, and then combining them together through crafting. This guide will cover how to obtain the materials, craft the underwater TNT, and use it effectively for underwater activities in Minecraft.

Obtaining Materials

There are two key ingredients needed to craft underwater TNT in Minecraft Education Edition - regular TNT and sodium. TNT can be obtained in a few different ways:

  • Finding TNT in chests located in dungeons, Nether fortresses, jungle temples, desert temples, and more.
  • Crafting TNT by combining gunpowder and sand. Gunpowder can be obtained by killing creepers or witches.

Sodium is exclusive to Minecraft Education Edition and can be mined from sodium ore blocks found underground. Make sure to have an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine sodium ore.

In addition to TNT and sodium, you'll need the standard crafting materials - a crafting table and enough wood to make sticks for tools.

For ignition, you'll need flint and steel or redstone/redstone devices.

Underwater TNT has all the same properties as regular TNT, except with the ability to be ignited and explode underwater.

To recap the key materials:

  • TNT
  • Sodium
  • Crafting table
  • Wood for sticks
  • Flint and steel or redstone

With these materials gathered, you'll be ready to start crafting underwater TNT.

Crafting Underwater TNT

To craft underwater TNT in Minecraft, you need to combine regular TNT with sodium. Sodium is element #11 and is only found in the Education Edition of Minecraft.

The crafting recipe for underwater TNT is:

  • 1 TNT
  • 1 Sodium

This will create 1 underwater TNT. To obtain the materials:

  • Find TNT in chests and craft it using 4 gunpowder and 5 sand.
  • Mine sodium which generates between levels 0 and 16 in the Education Edition.

Once you have the TNT and sodium, combine them in the crafting table to create the underwater TNT.


Using Underwater TNT

Once you have crafted the underwater TNT, you can place it just like regular TNT underwater. Make sure you are underwater when placing it down. Underwater TNT will not explode above water.

To ignite underwater TNT, use flint and steel while underwater. You can also use redstone devices like buttons or levers to ignite it remotely. When ignited, it will create a contained underwater blast.

To focus the force of the explosion, consider surrounding the underwater TNT with blocks like cobblestone or obsidian. This will help channel the blast in the direction you want. Be careful not to trap the player in the blast area. Also have spare blocks ready to quickly fill in the hole created by the explosion.

According to this tutorial video, containing the blast is crucial for effective underwater excavation mining.

Alternatives to Underwater TNT

Since underwater TNT is exclusive to Minecraft Education Edition, players using other editions will need alternatives for underwater explosions. Here are some options:

In Bedrock Edition, TNT will not explode underwater by default. However, there are a couple workaround methods:

For Java Edition, TNT explosions are dampened underwater, but still produce some force. Enclosing TNT in blocks like obsidian can help focus the blast underwater.

Mods like Super TNT add specialized underwater TNT with much stronger explosions than vanilla TNT.

A simple alternative is placing Torches underwater to destroy blocks. Though slow, this method works in any edition without mods.