A target block is a block that sends out a redstone signal when hit by a projectile in Minecraft. It was added in the 1.11 Exploration Update and resembles a bullseye target. When an arrow or other projectile hits the block, it emits a redstone signal proportional to the proximity of the hit to the center of the target. This makes target blocks useful for a variety of redstone builds and minigames.

This post will cover everything you need to know about crafting and using target blocks in Minecraft. We'll start with a guide to crafting target blocks, then discuss how to use them effectively in redstone contraptions. We'll also provide some build ideas and tips for incorporating target blocks into your Minecraft creations.

Crafting a Target Block

To craft a target block in Minecraft, you will need the following:

  • 4 redstone dust
  • 1 hay bale

Arrange the redstone dust in the four corners of the crafting grid, and place the hay bale in the center. This recipe will craft one target block in both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

The target block was added in the 1.11 Exploration Update, so this recipe will work in versions 1.11 and above.

Target blocks are crafted using fairly common materials, so they are easy to make once you have the required ingredients. Having the recipe handy will allow you to quickly craft target blocks whenever you need them for builds and redstone contraptions.

Using a Target Block

The main function of a target block in Minecraft is that it emits a redstone signal when an arrow or other projectile hits the bullseye on its face. The strength of the redstone signal it produces depends on how close to the center of the target the arrow hits.

A target block will emit a signal strength of 1 if the arrow hits the outer ring of the target. The signal strength increases incrementally as the arrow hits closer to the bullseye, up to a maximum strength of 15 if the dead center is hit. This allows target blocks to be used for scoring systems and games - better shots result in higher scores.

The variable signal strength of target blocks makes them incredibly useful components in redstone builds and contraptions. Circuits can be designed to trigger different outcomes based on the precision of shots. Target blocks are commonly used in mini-games and archery ranges in this way. For example, a door may only open if the bullseye is hit perfectly.

For more details on how target block signals work, check out this video: How Does a Target Block Work? Minecraft Tutorial

Redstone Contraptions

Target blocks allow for many creative redstone builds when combined with other components. Here are some examples of target block contraptions:

The bullseye detection of target blocks opens up many possibilities for innovation. Redstone engineers are continuously finding new ways to integrate targets into builds and circuits.

Tips and Tricks

Target blocks can be used in clever ways to unlock achievements, conceal puzzles, and customize your builds.

The "Take Aim" achievement requires standing at least 30 blocks away horizontally from a target block and hitting the bullseye [1]. This makes target blocks perfect for long-range archery challenges.

You can conceal target blocks behind transparent blocks like glass or fences. This allows you to hide puzzles and secret doors that activate when players shoot the hidden target [2].

Customize your targets using banners or colored wool blocks. Layer multiple targets to vary the difficulty. With some creativity, you can build all kinds of unique target block variants.