A shulker box is a useful storage item in Minecraft that acts like a portable chest. Shulker boxes allow players to store items, similar to a regular chest, but with the added benefit of being able to break the box and retain the items inside. This makes shulker boxes great for transporting items long distances or carrying extra materials while exploring.

Shulker boxes are unique because even after being broken, they keep all the items stored inside. This allows players to easily transport large amounts of items across long distances without having to make multiple trips back and forth. Shulker boxes can also be nested inside each other for even more compact storage.

With their expanded storage capabilities and portable nature, shulker boxes are incredibly useful items for Minecraft players to obtain. Their functionality makes storage and transportation much easier compared to using regular chests or a player's inventory alone. This guide will explain how to obtain and craft shulker boxes in Minecraft.

Obtaining Shulker Shells

Shulker shells are key items needed to craft shulker boxes in Minecraft. They are dropped when shulkers are killed. Shulkers are purple cube-shaped hostile mobs that spawn naturally in end cities located in the outer islands of the End dimension.

To obtain shulker shells, players will need to travel to the End and locate an end city. Shulkers spawn on the outside islands surrounding the main end city structure. When a shulker is killed, it has a 50% chance to drop 0-1 shulker shells. The easiest way to kill shulkers is by using a bow and arrow from a distance. Players should be cautious as shulkers will fire shulker bullets that can inflict levitation.

Once shulkers start to die, they have a chance to spawn new shulkers if other shulkers are nearby. This makes shulker shells a renewable resource in Minecraft. Players may want to construct a shulker farm near end cities to maximize shell collection. Popular designs like flying machines can sweep across end city islands and funnel shells to the player automatically.

Crafting the Shulker Box

To craft a shulker box in Minecraft, you will need 2 shulker shells and 1 chest. Shulker shells are dropped when you kill shulkers, which spawn in end cities. Chests can be crafted from wooden planks of any type.

Once you have the ingredients, open your crafting table and place 1 chest in the middle box. Then place 1 shulker shell in the box above the chest and 1 shulker shell in the box below the chest. This is the recipe that will craft 1 shulker box in Minecraft.

For example:
- Shulker Shell
- Chest
- Shulker Shell

When crafted successfully, 1 shulker box will appear in the output box of the crafting grid. Shulker boxes allow you to store many more items than a regular chest since they retain their contents when broken. This makes them very useful for expanding your inventory storage.

To craft colored shulker boxes, just substitute the chest in the recipe with a dyed chest. For more details, see the Minecraft Wiki guide on crafting shulker boxes (

Using the Shulker Box

Once crafted, the shulker box acts as a portable storage chest in Minecraft. When placed, it opens up an inventory GUI just like a regular chest. Players can store items by dragging and dropping them into the shulker box's inventory slots.

The key advantage of shulker boxes is that they keep their inventory when broken. If you break a placed shulker box, it will drop a closed shulker box item that retains all the contents stored inside. This makes shulker boxes incredibly useful for transporting large amounts of items long distances or between dimensions.

For example, you can fill multiple shulker boxes with valuable items or resources at your base, break them to pick them up, travel to a new location, and then place the shulker boxes down again to access the items. The inventory is preserved during transport.

Shulker boxes are also handy for expanding limited inventory space while mining, exploring, or mob hunting. By carrying spare shulker boxes in your inventory, you can store full sets of gear, collect hard-to-transport items like Shulker Shells or Dragon Eggs, or haul back all the loot from an adventure.

In summary, shulker boxes act like portable, reusable storage chests. Their ability to retain inventory when broken makes them extremely useful for transporting items long distances or serving as mobile item caches as you explore the world.

Helpful Tips for Using Shulker Boxes

Shulker boxes can make inventory management much easier in Minecraft. Here are some helpful tips:

Color code your shulker boxes with dyes to keep contents organized. For example, use a red shulker for redstone components, a blue one for lapis and diamonds, etc. This allows for quick identification of box contents.

Shulker boxes can be nested inside each other for compact storage. Put filled shulker boxes inside a new shulker to condense items when moving between bases or exploring.

Use shulker boxes to expand your available inventory space. Carrying multiple boxes allows you to hold entire inventories worth of items during trips, moving bases, or when mining and collecting resources.

Store shulker boxes containing useful supplies in ender chests for quick access from anywhere. Keep tools, food, blocks, and other commonly used items ready at all times.

Break shulker boxes with Silk Touch tools or fists to retain all contents. This allows for easy transport of items without having to move them manually between boxes.

Avoid lava pools and cacti when carrying shulker boxes. If destroyed, the items will be lost. Be careful around flammable blocks as well.