A potion of harming in Minecraft is a potion that instantly deals damage to entities and players. When consumed or splashed on a target, it rapidly depletes health points, making it highly useful as a weapon in combat or for pranking other players. Potions of harming can be brewed by adding fermented spider eye to a potion of poison, converting the effect into one that damages rather than weakens its target.

Potions of harming act essentially as an instant damage spell. They can be used to quickly defeat hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons. When used against other players in PvP battles, harming potions give you a strong offensive advantage. The effect can be enhanced to deal even more damage by adding glowstone dust during the brewing process.

In addition to the standard drinkable potion of harming, you can also create splash potions and lingering potions. Splash potions affect an area, allowing multiple targets to be damaged. Lingering potions create a harmful cloud that persists for a short time. Both are useful for damaging groups of mobs from a safe distance.

One important note is that potions of harming will also affect the player who uses them, so caution must be exercised. Overall, the potion of harming is an incredibly useful brew for inflicting quick damage, whether fighting mobs or other players.

Gather Ingredients

To make a potion of harming in Minecraft, you will first need to gather the required ingredients. The main ingredients needed are:

  • Brewing Stand - Used to brew all potions. Crafted with Cobblestone and Blaze Rod.
  • Blaze Powder - Obtained by killing Blazes in the Nether. Used to fuel the Brewing Stand.
  • Water Bottle - Fill glass bottles with water to get these. Can also collect water source blocks in a bucket.
  • Nether Wart - Grown in the Nether. Used to start base potions.
  • Spider Eye - Dropped by spiders when killed. Primary ingredient for potions of harming.
  • Fermented Spider Eye - Obtained by adding spider eye to sugar. Converts potions into negative versions.

Glowstone dust, gunpowder, and dragon's breath can also be used to enhance the potion. Make sure to have these materials ready before starting the brewing process.

Make the Base Potion

To make a potion of harming in Minecraft, you first need to create a base potion to build upon. This starts with crafting a brewing stand out of cobblestone and blaze rods, which provides a station to brew potions.

Once you have a brewing stand set up, fill it with water bottles which act as the base for any potion. Add nether wart to the water bottles to convert them into awkward potions. According to The CPU Guide, nether wart is what magicalizes the water into a potion.

Finally, add spider eyes to the awkward potion to create a potion of poison. Spider eyes provide the negative effect that the awkward potion needs to become a specific type of potion like harming. You now have the base potion of poison to build your potion of harming from.

Convert to Harming

Once you have created the base Potion of Poison, the next step is to convert it into a Potion of Harming. This is done by adding a Fermented Spider Eye to the Potion of Poison.

The Fermented Spider Eye acts as a "corrupting" agent that reverses or inverts an existing potion's effects. By adding it to a Potion of Poison, the positive effect gets inverted into the negative Harming effect.

Simply brew the Fermented Spider Eye into the Potion of Poison the same way you would add any other ingredient. The potion's color will shift from green to red to indicate it has been converted into a Potion of Harming.

This step is critical, as a Potion of Poison on its own will not harm mobs or players. Only by adding the Fermented Spider Eye can you convert it into a damaging Potion of Harming.

Enhancing Potions of Harming

Potions of Harming can be enhanced to become more potent and inflict greater damage. One way to do this is by adding Glowstone Dust to the potion after it has been converted into a Potion of Harming. This will boost the potency and create a Potion of Harming II, which deals more damage than the regular version.

You can also convert Potions of Harming into Splash Potions or Lingering Potions. This allows the effects to be thrown or sprayed over an area rather than consumed directly. To create Splash Potions, simply add Gunpowder to a regular Potion of Harming. For Lingering Potions, add Dragon's Breath instead after the conversion from poison.

Splash and Lingering Potions of Harming cover a wider area of effect, making them extremely useful during mob battles or PvP fights. However, be aware that the harmful effects can also affect the player, so use caution when throwing them.