Mirrors are a useful decorative and functional block in Minecraft that allow players to see reflections. By placing mirrors strategically in builds, players can create optical illusions, build more efficiently, and add beautiful design details. While Minecraft does not have default mirror blocks, there are a few methods players have found to mimic mirrors in the game.

Using commands, mods, and clever building, players can craft mirror items, construct reflective surfaces, and incorporate mirror designs into all types of Minecraft worlds. Whether playing in survival, creative, or with mods, mirrors can take builds to the next level with more realism, hidden spaces, and aesthetic appeal. This guide will cover the main techniques for making functional and decorative mirrors in Minecraft.

Using Commands to Create Mirrors

One way to create mirrors in Minecraft is by using commands and command blocks. This allows for mirrors without installing any mods or addons.

You can use structure blocks to copy builds and rotate them 180 degrees to face the original build. This creates a mirrored version of your construction. Position the rotated copy directly opposite the original to get a mirror-like effect.

It's also possible to teleport players between mirrored dimensions using commands. Create two identical builds on top of one another, then teleport the player back and forth to switch between seeing the front and back of the build.

For a more dynamic mirror, you can summon armor stands and use the teleport and rotate commands to face them towards the player at all times. This will function as a reflective surface that always shows the player's position.

Crafting Mirror Items in Survival Mode

There are a few different ways to craft mirror items in survival mode without using commands or mods. One method is to use a loom and banner patterns. You can combine different colored wool, glass panes, and frames in specific patterns on a loom to create banner designs that will function visually like mirrors.

For basic plain mirrors, simply combining glass panes and iron or wooden frames in the crafting table can create an item that resembles a traditional mirror. Position and hang them on walls like real-world mirrors.

To create more advanced reflective portals, the Immersive Portals mod allows players to build portal-style mirrors that can teleport players or mobs to mirrored dimensions. The mod adds rituals and materials to craft special mirrors that generate linked portals.

While it takes more work than commands, survival crafting allows players to earn their mirror designs through gameplay. Banner patterns, glass panes, and mods like Immersive Portals give creative options for crafters to make customized mirrors.

Building Mirror Designs

Adding mirrors to modern homes and bathrooms is a great way to create more spacious and open environments. Place large mirrors opposite windows to reflect the view outside (1). For bathrooms, consider framed mirrors above vanities or medicine cabinets with built-in mirrors on the doors (1). Be creative and make a unique statement piece by turning an entire wall into a mirror or using mirrors in unexpected places like above a fireplace (2).

Funhouse or carnival style warped mirrors can completely transform a space. Use commands to warp and distort reflections for disorienting and trippy effects. Try bending different sections of a large mirror in various directions or subtly altering so the changes are hard to perceive at first glance (2). Warped mirrors are perfect for pranks and fun builds.

Add stylish mirrors like standing cheval mirrors in bedrooms and entryways. For modern decor, lean a long mirror against a wall or create a photo frame mirror collage (2). Place mirrors behind sofas, use mirrored furniture like coffee tables and consoles, and decorate with ornate wall mirrors for an elegant look. Vintage vanity mirrors also make charming additions to period or shabby chic homes.

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Realistic Reflections

There are a few techniques to make reflections appear more realistic in Minecraft.

One method is to use armor stands to precisely imitate player movements. By coding the armor stands to match the player's walking, jumping, and other animations, the reflection will look much more lifelike.

You can also adjust world settings like the seed and generator to create a mirrored dimension. If the mirrored world matches the original, it will create the illusion of a real reflection.

Finally, you can limit the animations shown in the reflection to only those the player performs. For example, if the player punches or swings a tool, don't animate that in the mirror. Keeping the motions synced creates a convincing mirrored effect.