Many Minecraft players enjoy the extra challenge and atmospheric feel that nighttime provides in the game. Making it always night can offer some unique benefits, such as constant mob spawns for farms and XP, moonlit landscapes to build in, and a darker, spookier ambiance. The goal of this guide is to explain how to make it permanently nighttime in Minecraft worlds through the use of commands, changing game rules, installing mods, or using plugins on servers.

Having an eternal night provides new gameplay opportunities, allowing you to focus on surviving against mobs and building dark, underground bases or eerie Gothic structures. The moonlit views offer a soothing alternative to the bright landscapes of daytime. Overall, permanent night transforms Minecraft into a darker, more challenging survival experience.

Using Commands

The easiest way to make it always night in Minecraft is through simple commands. The /time set command allows you to instantly change the time to night in your world. For example, /time set 18000 will immediately shift the time to midnight.

You can also use more advanced commands and game rules to completely disable the day-night cycle. The /gamerule doDaylightCycle false command turns off the natural progression of day into night. This locks your world into permanent nighttime until the rule is set back to true.

For even more control, commands can precisely set the time to any desired value. Instead of preset times like sunset or midnight, you can use /time set 12980 to customize the exact time down to the tick. This allows for incredibly granular configurations of permanent night in your Minecraft world.

Command Blocks

Command blocks provide an easy way to automate making it always night in Minecraft. By placing and powering a repeating command block with the /time set night command, you can create an automated system to keep the time locked at night.

For example, put a repeating command block on a redstone clock and enter this command:

/time set 18000
This will continuously reset the time to midnight every game tick.

You can also customize the nightly experience by chaining additional commands off the time set command block. For example, add command blocks with /summon and /weather commands to automatically spawn mobs and thunderstorms each night. Or make nights brighter by adding /gamerule doDaylightCycle false.

For more advanced systems, chain multiple command blocks together to create a complex sequence of nighttime events. Teleport players at sunset, run particle effects, change the moon phase, play sounds, and more. The possibilities are endless with command blocks!

As one example, check out this Reddit thread for how to set up alternating day/night lengths using command blocks: How do I set a command to activate at midday and midnight?

Mods and Plugins

There are several mods and plugins that allow you to control the nighttime in Minecraft.

On the server side, plugins like EternalNight for Bukkit allow admins to toggle between night and day with commands. This gives you the flexibility to enable permanent night when desired. Other plugins like NightCycle let you customize the length of night and day.

For singleplayer or client-side only control, mods like Infinite Night can make night permanent. The Time Stop mod lets you pause and advance time as needed. Mods tend to give more options than vanilla commands.

The advantage of mods and plugins is the ability to toggle night on or off at will, instead of just permanently locking the time.


There are several ways to make it always nighttime in Minecraft. Using commands and command blocks allows you to set the time to night instantly or disable the daylight cycle. Mods and plugins give you even more control over nighttime than vanilla Minecraft commands. Overall, permanent night opens up new gameplay opportunities and creative possibilities. Constructing moonlit landscapes, designing underground bases, and preparing for endless mobs can provide exciting challenges. The endless nighttime environment encourages you to get creative and make the most of the perpetual moonlit experience.