Banners are decorative items in Minecraft that allow players to display customized patterns and images. They can be placed on walls, floors, or ceilings and are an aesthetic way to liven up builds and mark locations. To create a banner, players will need to use a loom block along with dyes to apply patterns onto a blank banner item. In this guide, we will walk through how to create a banner displaying the letter "G" in Minecraft step-by-step.

The goal is to use the loom block and various dyes to apply specific patterns onto a banner in the correct order to end up with a banner showcasing the letter G. This can be hung up as decorative signage or used to mark and label locations around a Minecraft world.

Gather Materials

To make a G banner in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • Black dye - Used to create the black background. Make sure you have enough to fill 4 slots in the loom.
  • White dye - Used for the white horizontal stripe in the middle. You only need 1 white dye.
  • Loom - Place this and interact with it to customize the banner.
  • Banner - The base item that will have layers added to it to create your design.

These 4 ingredients are the core items you'll need. Having them in your inventory will allow you to make the G banner design.

For black dye, an easy renewable source is ink sacs that you can get from killing squids. Bonemeal and lapis lazuli can also be used to make black dye.

For white dye, you can use bonemeal which can be crafted from bones obtained by killing skeletons.

The loom is crafted from 2 wooden planks and 2 wooden slabs, all vertically placed.

Finally, the banner is crafted from 6 wool and 1 stick. Craft a banner with the color of wool you want for your base.

Make the Black Base Layer

The first layer of the G banner will be a solid black background. To create this, select the "Pale Sinister" pattern when customizing the banner in the loom UI (source: The Pale Sinister pattern applies a diagonal stripe to the banner.

Since we want a solid black background, use 4 black dye on the Pale Sinister pattern (source: This will cover the entire banner in black and create the base layer.

So in summary, choose the Pale Sinister pattern and use 4 black dye to make the solid black background layer for the letter G.

Add the White Cross Layer

To create the white cross layer on the banner, you'll need to select the "Per Fess" pattern in the loom interface. According to the Minecraft Wiki, the Per Fess pattern divides the banner vertically into two equal halves.

To add the Per Fess pattern:

  • Open up the loom interface with your black banner inside.
  • Select the Per Fess pattern icon in the second row.
  • Add 1 white dye to the loom interface.
  • Click the checkmark to add the Per Fess pattern with white dye to your banner.

This will create a white horizontal line across the middle of the black banner, forming the white cross shape needed for the letter "G". You can now continue to customize your banner further in the loom.

Customize and Display Your G Banner

Once you have the base G banner, there are many ways to customize it and make it your own. Here are some ideas for personalizing your G banner:

Add more patterns and layers - The banner editor on Planet Minecraft lets you stack multiple layers to create intricate designs. Get creative with different patterns and colors! (

Add custom text or images - Using a resource pack, you can customize the patterns to include text, your name, or even pixel art. This takes your banner to the next level!

Mix and match colors - Don't limit yourself to just black and white. Try different color combinations that fit your style.

Resize your banner - Make it bigger or smaller by adding/removing layers. Giant banners can make a statement!

Once your banner is ready, it's time to display it proudly in your Minecraft world. Here are some ideas for showing off your creation:

Hang on walls - Place your banner on wall mounts inside your buildings.

Decorate the landscape - Stand banners up on fence posts, trees, poles, etc. Mark locations or make signs.

Capes and shields - Craft a banner cape or shield to take your design with you on adventures!

Give banners as gifts - Make customized banners for your friends as presents.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with banners. Bring some extra flair to your structures and world with a unique G banner!