Coarse dirt is a block in Minecraft that has a gravel-like texture and can be used for decoration and crafting. It allows players to convert regular dirt into a more interesting block for building. There are a couple main ways to obtain coarse dirt in Minecraft.

Coarse dirt is primarily used for decorative purposes. It can be used to create paths, roads, floors, and terraforming in builds. Many players appreciate how it provides a nicer looking dirt block. Coarse dirt can also be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls for even more design options.

The two main ways to get coarse dirt are by crafting it or finding it naturally generated in worlds. Crafting coarse dirt requires combining regular dirt and gravel together. It can also occasionally be found in certain biomes like Mesas and Taigas. This article will go into more details on how to craft, find, and use coarse dirt in Minecraft.

Crafting Coarse Dirt

Coarse dirt is crafted by combining 2 dirt and 2 gravel in a crafting grid. Place the dirt and gravel in a 2x2 formation, with the dirt blocks opposite each other diagonally. The crafting recipe will result in 4 coarse dirt blocks.

To craft coarse dirt, first open your inventory and locate 2 dirt blocks and 2 gravel blocks. Then open a crafting table or your 2x2 portable crafting grid. Place the dirt in diagonally opposite squares and the gravel in the remaining 2 squares. The crafting recipe should look like this:



Where D is a dirt block and G is a gravel block. The result will be 4 coarse dirt blocks added to your inventory. You don't need an actual crafting table for this recipe, as it only requires a 2x2 grid that fits in your inventory crafting square.

This simple recipe lets you easily craft renewable coarse dirt whenever you need it for building, landscaping or converting to dirt. Just combine standard dirt and the readily available gravel found while mining or exploring.

Finding Coarse Dirt

Coarse dirt generates naturally in certain biomes in Minecraft. It can be found in large quantities in Mesa and some Taiga biomes, where it generates as part of the terrain (Coarse Dirt - Minecraft Wiki - Fandom). Wandering traders will also occasionally sell podzol and rooted dirt, which can be crafted into coarse dirt.

When mining coarse dirt, using a silk touch tool instead of a shovel will allow you to obtain the coarse dirt blocks themselves. This allows you to collect and move the blocks without breaking them. Shovels will cause the coarse dirt to drop as regular dirt. So having a silk touch tool is useful when gathering coarse dirt for building and decorating (Taking Inventory: Sapling - Minecraft).

Converting Coarse Dirt

Coarse dirt can be converted back into normal dirt by tilling it with a hoe. This provides a renewable way to obtain regular dirt in Minecraft.

In order to till coarse dirt, there must be an empty space above the coarse dirt block. Simply use a hoe on the coarse dirt to turn it into ordinary dirt.

Since gravel is renewable through bartering with piglins, and gravel combined with dirt makes coarse dirt, this process essentially allows converting gravel into renewable dirt 1.

Tilling coarse dirt with a hoe is an easy way to get dirt without having to dig it up. This comes in handy when building on non-dirt blocks or when you need more dirt than your surroundings naturally provide.

Uses of Coarse Dirt

Coarse dirt has several unique uses in Minecraft:

One of the most common uses is for building paths, roads, and floors. Coarse dirt provides a more natural, rugged texture compared to regular dirt paths. It can be used to create winding trails, country roads, garden walkways, and earthen building floors. The coarser texture stands out visually from surrounding grass or stone.

Coarse dirt is also ideal for decorating landscapes and terraforming terrain. It adds visual variety and realism when landscaping areas like forests, canyons, cliffs, and beaches. Coarse dirt can be combined with regular dirt, gravel, sand, and other blocks to create realistic custom environments.

In addition, coarse dirt can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls. This allows for even more unique shapes and texturing when building. Slabs are useful for short retaining walls, while stairs assist with slopes and elevation changes.

Lastly, using a shovel on top of coarse dirt converts it to a regular dirt path block. This is an easy way to make good-looking dirt trails blend better with surrounding grass blocks.[1]