How to Make Blue Terracotta in Minecraft

Blue terracotta is a vibrant colored building block in Minecraft that can add a pop of color to your builds. It is created by dying regular terracotta with blue dye. Blue terracotta can be used decoratively for floors, walls, paths, and more. It goes great with other colors of terracotta if you want to make patterns.

Making blue terracotta is a simple process that requires terracotta, blue dye, and a crafting table. In this guide, we'll cover how to get these materials and the step-by-step method for crafting blue terracotta in Minecraft.

Getting the Materials

To make blue terracotta in Minecraft, you'll need the following ingredients:

  • 8 regular terracotta
  • 1 blue dye

Terracotta is made by smelting clay in a furnace. Clay can be found near water sources like rivers and lakes. Dig it up with a shovel.

Blue dye can be crafted from lapis lazuli ore, which generates deep underground, or from blue orchids, which generate in swamp biomes on grass blocks.

Crafting Blue Terracotta

Blue terracotta is crafted using a 3x3 crafting grid. Place 8 regular terracotta in the outer squares of the grid. Then add 1 blue dye to the center square. The output will be 8 blue terracotta.

To get blue dye, you can use lapis lazuli or blue orchids. Place either one in a crafting table to get blue dye. With the blue dye in the center of the 3x3 grid filled with terracotta, it will dye all 8 blocks blue when crafted.

This 3x3 recipe with the dye in the middle is an easy way to mass produce large amounts of blue terracotta for building projects. The 8 blue terracotta output can then be crafted again to make even more. This is much faster than finding blue terracotta in structures or trading with villagers.

Using Blue Terracotta

Blue terracotta is an extremely versatile decorative building block in Minecraft. Here are some great ways to use blue terracotta for decor:

Floors - Blue terracotta makes an eye-catching flooring material. Lay it out in patterns and designs or use it to accent other blocks like stone or wood planks. Pair it with light gray concrete for a beachy look.

Walls - Decorating walls with blue terracotta adds a pop of color. Mix blue terracotta into stone brick or cobblestone walls for contrast. You can make murals, mosaics, or geometric patterns.

Paths - Lining paths with alternating colors of terracotta is visually striking. Use blue terracotta borders on stone or gravel paths for a nice touch.

Color Combinations - Blue terracotta pairs nicely with many other blocks. Combine it with white concrete, cyan terracotta, light gray concrete, oak planks, sandstone, quartz, sea lanterns, and more.

Making Blue Glazed Terracotta

Once you have crafted blue terracotta, you can smelt it in a furnace with any fuel source to create blue glazed terracotta. According to the Minecraft Wiki, smelting any stained terracotta block creates a glazed terracotta version of that color. To make blue glazed terracotta specifically:

  • Place the blue terracotta in the top slot of the furnace.
  • Add a fuel source like coal or wood in the bottom slot.
  • Smelt the blue terracotta to get blue glazed terracotta.

Blue glazed terracotta is a vibrant, glossy decorative building block. According to DigMinecraft, glazed terracotta can be used to add colorful accents to builds. Its eye-catching sheen makes it perfect for decorating floors, walls, paths, and more in a variety of styles.