What is a Leatherworker Villager?

In Minecraft, a leatherworker villager is a special type of villager that crafts leather armor and horse gear. Leatherworker villagers can trade various leather-related items with the player such as saddles and horse armor in exchange for emeralds.

Leatherworker villagers are identified by their aprons and the cauldron blocks near their workstations. In order to become a leatherworker, a villager needs access to a cauldron workstation block. This allows them to tan leather hides and craft them into armor, saddles, and other items.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, leatherworker villagers will buy excess leather, rabbit hides, and string from players. Their trades improve as you continue to trade with them and level them up. Master-level leatherworker villagers offer the most valuable trades like saddles and horse armor.

How to Get a Leatherworker Villager

To get a leatherworker villager in Minecraft, you first need to place down a cauldron block. This will act as the workstation that leatherworker villagers are attracted to. Make sure there are no other workstations like crafting tables, furnaces, etc. nearby, as villagers could link to those instead. According to a Reddit user, you need to "Remove every cauldron near the villagers, and place it back after making a librarian."

Once the cauldron is placed, you simply have to wait for a villager to notice it and link to it as their new profession. This makes them a leatherworker. If a villager links to a different workstation, break the other workstations so the villager has no choice but to become a leatherworker. As noted by Minecraft Max, "A villager can become a leatherworker (get a profession) only after you place a bed and a cauldron next to it."

To summarize, place a cauldron, ensure there are no nearby workstations to distract the villager, wait for them to link to the cauldron, and break any other stations. This will transform a villager into a leatherworker in Minecraft.

Transforming a Villager into a Leatherworker

Transforming an existing villager into a leatherworker is straightforward in Minecraft. The key steps are:

First, place down a cauldron block. This will serve as the leatherworker's job site block. Be sure to place the cauldron where you want the leatherworker villager to be located, such as near your animal pens or other leather-related items.

Next, destroy the villager's current job site block if they have one. For example, if the villager is a farmer, destroy their composter block. This will cause them to become unemployed.

After destroying their old workstation, wait a little while for the villager to detect the new cauldron block. They should link to it and become a leatherworker villager (Source: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/leatherworker-minecraft-everything-need-know).

Be patient as it may take some time for the villager to detect and link to the new job site block. But once they do, you'll have successfully transformed that villager into a leatherworker in Minecraft!

Leatherworker Villager Trades

Leatherworker villagers are focused on crafting and trading various leather goods [1]. Their main trades involve leather armor, saddles, and horse armor. As a novice-level leatherworker, they will buy 6 leather for 1 emerald. They also have a chance to sell leather leggings, leather boots, a leather tunic, or a leather cap for emeralds [2].

Leatherworker villagers are the only source for saddles in vanilla Minecraft. You must trade with them and level them up to unlock saddle trades. At the journeyman-level, they have a chance to sell a saddle for 13 emeralds. At the master-level, they will always offer to sell a saddle for 6 emeralds [3].

As you trade more with leatherworker villagers, their trades will improve. Higher-level leatherworkers will sell enchanted leather armor and more saddles. They will also buy rabbit hides, leads, and name tags in addition to leather. Continuously trading with a leatherworker and curing zombie villagers are ways to level them up and improve their trades [1].

Tips for Managing Leatherworker Villagers

There are several things you can do to effectively manage your leatherworker villagers in Minecraft:

Curing zombie villagers is a great way to get permanent discounts on trades. Splash a zombie villager with a weakness potion and feed them a golden apple to turn them back into a regular villager. Any villager cured from zombie form will give you reduced prices forever (source).

Isolate your leatherworker villagers away from other job site blocks like lecterns, cartography tables, etc. Villagers can switch professions if they have access to a different job site block, so keeping leatherworkers separated prevents them from switching (source).

Trading frequently with a leatherworker villager will cause them to unlock better trades as they level up. Make sure to trade with them regularly to get access to higher tier trades like diamond horse armor (source).

Having multiple leatherworker villagers gives you more options when trading. Different villagers will offer various item trades, so having a few leatherworkers lets you pick the best trades for what you need (source).