Why Dolphins Die in Minecraft

Dolphins in Minecraft require both water and air to survive. As aquatic mammals, dolphins will suffocate if they are fully submerged underwater for too long without coming up for air. According to an article on 2seewhales.com, dolphins are unable to regulate their body temperature out of water and can overheat if not kept wet when exposed to air for extended periods of time.

Dolphins in Minecraft will also despawn if they wander more than 20 blocks away from the player in any direction, as this exceeds the mob's allowed travel distance before disappearing. As explained on the Minecraft Wiki fandom site, keeping dolphins within a limited area prevents them from swimming off and dying by despawning.

Therefore, in order to keep dolphins alive in Minecraft, players must provide an aquatic environment with both sufficient water depth and exposed air blocks for breathing. Restricting the size of dolphin pools or aquariums helps prevent the dolphins from wandering too far and despawning as well.

Creating a Dolphin Aquarium

When creating an aquarium to house dolphins in Minecraft, it is important to make the tank large and give them space to breathe at the surface. According to the Minecraft Wiki, dolphins will drown if fully submerged for around 4 minutes without coming up for air [1]. To avoid this, the aquarium walls should be at least 15 blocks high so dolphins have room to swim both horizontally and vertically [2].

Make sure to leave at least 3-4 blocks of open space at the top surface of the water for the dolphins to jump and breathe. Glass blocks are ideal for aquarium walls since they allow visibility into the tank [3]. A basic 20x20 glass block aquarium with high walls and breathing room should be sufficient for a few dolphins. Expand the aquarium as needed if housing more dolphins. Having an ample sized tank helps keep dolphins alive and healthy in Minecraft.

Preventing Dolphins From Despawning

Dolphins in Minecraft will naturally despawn after a certain amount of time if they are not contained. However, there are a few methods you can use to prevent your tamed dolphins from disappearing:

Name dolphins with name tags - Naming dolphins by right-clicking on them with a name tag will cause them to no longer naturally despawn. This makes the dolphin persistent in the world (Source).

Keep dolphins within a 20 block radius - Dolphins that wander more than 20 blocks away from the player have a chance to despawn. Make sure to build an enclosure for dolphins that is within 20 blocks of where you spend most of your time (Source).

Transport dolphins with leads - Attaching a lead to dolphins allows you to move them around while ensuring they don't despawn. Use leads when transporting dolphins between bodies of water or to new enclosures (Source).

By naming dolphins, keeping them close by, and using leads, you can safely keep dolphins in your Minecraft world without them disappearing on you.

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Feeding Dolphins

Dolphins are primarily piscivores, meaning they eat fish. In Minecraft, dolphins are fed raw cod or raw salmon to heal, tame, and guide them to underwater treasure. According to the Minecraft Wiki, when fed raw cod or salmon, dolphins will swim to the nearest shipwreck, buried treasure, or ocean ruins to locate chests filled with loot https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Dolphin.

To feed a dolphin, equip raw cod or salmon and right click on the dolphin. Each time a dolphin is fed, it will display heart particles to indicate it is being healed and tamed. Feeding dolphins repeatedly over time increases the chance they become tamed. Tamed dolphins can be equipped with saddles and ridden by players.

Feeding dolphins is an essential mechanic in Minecraft for healing injured dolphins, taming them as pets, or using their natural treasure finding abilities. Keep dolphins well-fed with raw cod or salmon to take advantage of all the benefits these friendly ocean mammals offer.

Safely Transporting Dolphins

Dolphins can be safely transported in Minecraft using leads, water channels, boats, and minecarts. According to a Reddit post, you can attach a lead to a dolphin to guide it through water or into a new tank or aquarium [1]. When transporting dolphins over land, create a water channel at least two blocks deep and guide the dolphins through it with a lead. Make sure to block off any side paths so they don't beach themselves.

You can also transport dolphins by boat. Simply lead the dolphin next to a boat and they will automatically swim near it when you start rowing. Keep rowing and make sure the dolphin follows you all the way to the new tank or aquarium. Finally, dolphins can be transported via minecart as well. Push a dolphin into a minecart filled with water and transport it on rails to the destination [2]. Stay close by so the dolphin doesn't despawn.

With leads, water channels, boats, and minecarts, you can safely transport dolphins significant distances across land and water. Just monitor their health and make sure they don't suffocate or beach.