Aphmau is a popular YouTuber known for her Minecraft roleplay series. She runs a custom Minecraft server for fans to join and participate in roleplay adventures. The server features unique gameplay with custom mods and plugins tailored to Aphmau's series and community. Joining Aphmau's Minecraft server provides a chance to engage with her content in a fun, social way.

To get access to Aphmau's Minecraft server, you'll need to join her Discord server to get an invite code and download any required mods. Once you have the server IP address, you can connect through the Minecraft multiplayer menu. On the server, you'll be able to create your own character, explore the world, roleplay with others, and take part in events and storylines from Aphmau's videos. This guide will walk through the full process of how to join the server and start roleplaying.

Getting Access

To gain access to Aphmau's Minecraft server, you first need to join the official Aphmau Community Discord server. You can find the invite link at Once you've joined, look for channels related to the Minecraft server which will have instructions on downloading any required mods.

Aphmau's Minecraft server runs mods and plugins to enable unique gameplay mechanics. Make sure you have the correct versions installed. The Discord will list all required mods. Two popular ones are Pixelmon and CustomNPCs. Downloading and enabling these mods in your Minecraft launcher is crucial.

Finally, to actually connect to the server you'll need the IP address. This is usually posted in the #server-ip channel on the Aphmau Discord. Copy this IP address and enter it into your Minecraft multiplayer menu. Then you can officially join the server!

Creating Your Character

One of the most exciting parts of joining Aphmau's Minecraft server is getting to create your own unique character. This involves coming up with a backstory for your character, as well as designing a custom skin that represents them. When creating your character's backstory, think about details like their name, age, personality traits, interests, and goals. Try to make your character compelling while still fitting into the server's fantasy theme. For your character's skin, you can use a skin editor like Minecraft's official skin editor to customize your character's look. Make sure your skin follows the server guidelines. Once your character is ready, you can start roleplaying as them on the server.

When roleplaying your character, speak and act as they would. Stay true to their personality and backstory. Interact with other players in character, building stories together. You want your character's words and actions to be realistic and consistent. Don't break character or act out of line with who they are. Following roleplay guidelines creates immersion for everyone on the server. If you ever feel stuck on how your character should behave, ask yourself "What would my character do in this situation?" This roleplay mindset is key to having fun on Aphmau's server.

Playing on the Server

Once you have access to Aphmau's Minecraft server, there are many fun things you can do. The main appeal is interacting with others in the roleplay community. Use proximity chat to talk with those near you, join clubs and factions to make allies, and participate in storyline events together. Some popular recurring events include dances, PvP tournaments, weddings, and seasonal celebrations.

You can also build your own structures to live and roleplay in. Claim a plot of land, gather resources, and let your creativity flow when designing your base. Explore the huge and detailed world created by server admins and builders. They've crafted kingdoms, towns, dungeons, and landscapes inspired by Aphmau's series.

Make sure to follow all server rules so everyone can have fun. Use common sense, be respectful, and collaborate with others. You'll get the most out of the server by fully immersing yourself in the roleplay and engaging with the community. Participate in discussions, events, and storylines to help keep the world active.


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Here are some frequently asked questions about joining Aphmau's Minecraft server:

What is the IP address for the server?

The latest IP address can be found in the #server-ip channel of the official Aphmau Discord server. The IP is kept private and updated periodically to control access.

What Minecraft version is required?

You need to be running the latest official release of Minecraft Java Edition. Check the Discord for details on the required game version.

Is there an application process?

There is no formal application. You just need to join the Aphmau Discord server and read the rules and info channels.

Can I record or stream my gameplay?

You need to ask the Admins on Discord before recording/streaming any gameplay from the server.

See the Aphmau Discord for more FAQs and the latest server info.