Joining Minecraft Servers on Nintendo Switch Opens Up a World of Possibilities

A Minecraft server allows multiple players to connect to the same Minecraft world and play together. Joining a server on your Nintendo Switch opens up tons of multiplayer fun and collaboration. You can create and explore massive worlds, take on challenges and mini games, and socialize with other Minecraft fans.

There are a few different ways to join servers on the Switch version of Minecraft. You can connect to featured servers right from the main menu for quick access to popular servers. Or you can add the IP address of any custom server to directly join private servers made by your friends or communities. Realms provide another private server option that lets you invite friends to your own hosted world.

In this guide, we'll cover all the key steps and tips for successfully joining Minecraft servers on your Nintendo Switch. Playing on servers opens up limitless possibilities for adventure and creation with other Minecraft players.

Connect to Featured Servers

One easy way to join a Minecraft server on your Nintendo Switch is to connect to the featured servers available in the multiplayer menu. These featured servers provide a curated multiplayer experience with popular minigames and servers [1]. When you open the multiplayer menu in Minecraft on your Switch, you will see a section for featured servers that you can join with just a click. The featured servers are a great way to try out different multiplayer servers and minigames without needing to find and enter a server IP address. They provide a quick and convenient gateway to popular Minecraft servers.

The available featured servers showcase some of the best public servers and allow you to easily join them straight from your Switch. You can scroll through and preview the different featured servers to find ones that interest you. As you try out the various featured servers, it's a great way to discover new types of multiplayer Minecraft experiences, minigames, and communities you may want to join. The featured servers rotation also changes over time, so new servers will appear for you to explore.

For a quick and easy way to access multiplayer Minecraft experiences on your Switch without any hassle, connecting to the featured servers is the way to go. With just a click, you can be playing and interacting with other Minecraft players from around the world.

Add Custom Servers

To connect to private Minecraft servers not featured on Nintendo's list, you'll need to get the server IP address from the owner. This unique address allows your Switch to find and connect to that specific server. You can't browse and join these custom servers like the featured ones.

Ask the server owner to provide you the IP address and port number. It will look something like this: Enter exactly what they give you into the Server Address field on your Switch.

Compared to featured servers, connecting to custom ones involves a bit more work. But it opens up many more multiplayer options by letting you join private servers run by your friends or communities.

You may also need to adjust your DNS settings on the Switch to access certain international servers or those using custom domains. This expands the range of servers beyond just IP addresses.

Instructions for changing DNS can be found in this guide.

Join Realms

Minecraft Realms are private servers hosted by Mojang that allow players to create their own world or join friends' worlds.

To join an existing Realm, you will need to get an invite code or link from the Realm owner. They can generate this invite code in their Realm settings. Enter the code on the Realms tab in your Minecraft Switch edition to gain access.

You can also create your own Realms server by starting a free trial or paid subscription. This will let you design a customized multiplayer server and invite up to 10 friends to join. You have full control over your Realm's settings.

Realms make it easy to play multiplayer Minecraft on Switch without needing to port forward or manage a server. Realms sync across Minecraft on all platforms, so you can access the same world on mobile, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Having trouble connecting to Minecraft servers on your Nintendo Switch? There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue:

First, check that your internet connection is strong and stable. Connect your Switch directly to your wifi router if possible for the best signal. Restart your Switch and router to refresh the connection.

Next, double check that you entered the server IP address correctly, with no typos. It's easy to mistype an IP which will prevent you from joining the server. Verify the IP with the server owner.

You can also try toggling airplane mode on and off on your Switch to reset the network connection. This forces the console to re-establish the wifi connection which can fix temporary bugs.

As a last resort, fully rebooting your Switch by powering it down and back on can clear any lingering connectivity issues according to this Reddit thread. Rebooting fully resets all systems which is useful if you're unable to join any servers.

Checking these basic troubleshooting steps can help identify and resolve any problems joining Minecraft servers on your Switch. A stable connection, correct IP address, and rebooting your console are good first steps to getting online.