Dark oak trees are a unique and valuable resource in Minecraft. With their large size, lush foliage, and striking deep brown wood, dark oaks stand out amidst the flora of the game. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to successfully grow dark oak trees from saplings in a Minecraft world.

We'll cover key information like why you may want to grow dark oaks, what materials you need, how to properly plant and care for the saplings, as well as tips for troubleshooting any growth issues. Dark oak is exclusive to the scenic Dark Forest biome, so being able to cultivate your own dark oak trees enables you to enjoy their beauty anywhere. Whether you need dark oak for decorative and building purposes or just admire their imposing yet graceful forms, this guide will help you grow majestic dark oaks with ease.

Gather Materials

To grow dark oak trees, you will need to gather the following materials in Minecraft:

  • 4 dark oak saplings - Obtained by breaking dark oak leaves. Dark oak trees produce more saplings than regular oak trees. Dark oak - Minecraft Wiki - Fandom
  • Dirt, grass, coarse dirt or podzol blocks - Dark oaks can be planted on these block types. Dirt is easiest to obtain.
  • Adequate light - Torches, glowstone etc. Dark oaks require light to grow just like regular trees.
  • Space to grow - Leave a 2x2 space for the saplings to grow into a full tree. Remove any blocks obstructing upwards growth.

That covers the basic materials needed. Having those, you can proceed to planting and growing your dark oak trees in Minecraft.

Plant the Saplings

To grow a Dark Oak tree, you need to plant Dark Oak saplings in a 2x2 formation with 1 block space between each sapling. This spacing allows the saplings room to grow into the full tree.

Dark Oak saplings must be planted in a 2x2 grid, they will not grow if planted individually or in other formations. Place 4 saplings in a square space with no blocks obstructing their growth.

Saplings can be planted on grass, dirt, podzol or coarse dirt blocks. Avoid planting them on other block types like stone, sand or wood planks.

Make sure to leave adequate vertical space above the saplings for the tree to reach its full height potential. Dark Oak trees can grow up to 31 blocks tall, so avoid building obstruction above the saplings.

For detailed instructions see: How to grow a Dark Oak Tree in Minecraft

Care and Growth

Dark oak trees require some care and the right conditions to grow properly in Minecraft. First, make sure there is adequate light near the saplings. Dark oaks need at least a light level 8 to grow, which means lit torches within 5 blocks of the saplings[1]. Second, give the saplings room to grow into full trees. Dark oaks can reach up to 16 blocks high[2], so don't plant them right next to buildings or obstructions. Remove any blocks above the saplings so they have space. Finally, be patient. Dark oaks grow more quickly than regular oak trees, but still take time. Expect to wait at least 30 minutes before the dark oaks reach full height[2]. Checking on the saplings periodically and ensuring proper light and space will encourage their growth.




Dark oak trees provide many benefits that make them a unique and useful addition to your Minecraft world. Their beautiful reddish-brown wood has a distinct color and texture perfect for aesthetically pleasing builds. The large size of dark oak trees allows you to harvest ample wood for big projects easily. Since they are only found in scenic dark forest biomes, dark oak trees add natural beauty and ambience to the landscape. With a little patience and preparation, you can grow impressive dark oak trees to enhance your world. The attractive dark oak wood is perfect for roofs, floors, furniture, and more. If you want a special wood type for your next build, look no further than the mighty dark oak!