Introduction to Growing Coral in Minecraft

Coral was introduced to Minecraft in the 1.13 Aquatic Update, adding vibrant underwater reefs to warm ocean biomes. Coral comes in many colorful varieties and can be used decoratively or crafted into other items. Growing healthy coral reefs involves finding and harvesting coral blocks and fans, transporting them safely, and cultivating new coral growth. This guide will cover key steps like locating warm ocean reefs using maps, mining coral without killing it, growing fresh coral with bone meal, and sustainably expanding your reef. Read on to learn expert tips on creating dazzling underwater coral gardens in Minecraft.

Finding Coral Reefs in Minecraft

Coral reefs in Minecraft generate naturally in warm ocean biomes. These biomes can be identified by the aquamarine colored water (light blue-green). When sailing around in a boat or flying with elytra wings, keep an eye out for areas of the ocean that are this distinctive color.

Within warm ocean biomes, you'll find coral reef structures protruding up from the seafloor. These coral formations are made up of coral blocks and coral fans in shades of blue, pink, and purple. The reefs contain tube corals, brain corals, bubble corals, and fire corals.

Using a boat is an easy way to explore the ocean since you can see through the clear water to spot coral reefs below. With elytra wings, you can fly around above the ocean and scout for warm ocean biomes to begin your search. Locating and exploring coral reefs is the first step before you can start harvesting and farming coral in Minecraft.


Growing New Coral in Minecraft

Bone meal can be used to grow new coral in Minecraft. Apply bone meal directly onto live coral blocks to grow coral fans. The bone meal accelerates the growth process, similar to how it works with plants and flowers.

However, there are some limitations. Bone meal cannot be used to expand existing coral blocks, it only grows additional coral fans. Also, bone meal has no effect on dead coral. In real life, coral grows slowly over time by accumulating calcium carbonate from the ocean through its living polyps. The growth rate depends on factors like temperature and availability of nutrients. Bone meal instantly growing coral fans is a useful gameplay mechanic but does not reflect real coral growth.

While bone meal can quickly grow coral decorations like fans, it cannot speed up growing larger coral reef structures. For that, you need to wait for coral blocks to spread naturally over time. Bone meal jumpstarts decorative coral growth, but expanding the reef still requires patience.

Harvesting Coral in Minecraft

Coral is a delicate block in Minecraft that must be harvested carefully to avoid destroying it. The best tool for harvesting coral is a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch. As stated on the Minecraft Wiki, "If mined without Silk Touch, coral blocks drop dead coral blocks. If mined with Silk Touch, coral blocks drop themselves" (

Using a regular pickaxe on coral will immediately turn it into a dead coral block, which has a different color and texture. For example, regular bubble coral turns into dead bubble coral, which is a pale white color instead of pink. To preserve the original vibrant coral colors and textures, Silk Touch is essential.

Once harvested with Silk Touch, coral can be used decoratively for builds or crafted into other items. Bubble coral, for example, can be crafted into coral blocks to build underwater structures. Tube coral can be crafted into coral fans for decoration. Fire coral creates red-colored blocks. Experiment with the various types of coral found in ocean reefs to enhance underwater spaces.

Types of Coral in Minecraft

There are several different types of coral that can be found in ocean biomes in Minecraft. The most common types include:

Tube Coral

Tube coral has a blue color and is found naturally generating in coral reefs (according to the Minecraft Wiki). It can be crafted into blue-colored decorative blocks.

Fire Coral

Fire coral is red in color and can also be found in warm ocean biomes. It can be crafted into red colored building blocks to decorate structures (according to Minecraft Max).

Bubble Coral

Bubble coral appears as pink blocks with small circular holes. They are useful for crafting pink decorations and aesthetically pleasing structures.

Brain Coral

Brain coral has a rough, brain-like texture and generates in shades of pink. These can be used to craft unique decorations for underwater builds.

There are many possibilities for using the different types of coral blocks for decoration. Combining the different colors and textures allows builders to create vibrant underwater scenery and coral reefs.