In the April Fools snapshot for Minecraft in 2023 (23w13a_or_b), Mojang added a joke "Moon" dimension that players can access. This Moon dimension is not a permanent addition to the game and was just meant as a silly April Fools prank.

To reach the Moon dimension, players need to go to the Overworld and fly straight up to about Y level 700. It requires being in Creative mode or pillar climbing a very tall tower. Once above Y=700, you will teleport to the Moon dimension.

The Moon has low gravity physics, allowing players to jump incredibly high. The terrain generates similar to the End dimension. There are also unique mobs and blocks like Moonstone and Moon Grass that only exist in this dimension.

This article will explain the full requirements to reach the Moon dimension in Minecraft's 2023 April Fools snapshot and how to return back to the Overworld.

Requirements for Accessing the Moon

In order to access the Moon dimension added in Minecraft's 2023 April Fools snapshot, there are a few requirements you need to fulfill:

First, you must be playing on the specific April Fools snapshot version released by Mojang this year. The snapshot version is 23w13a_or_b.

Second, you either need to be in creative mode to fly up to the required height, or you need a massive supply of blocks to pillar up into the sky. This is because you need to get above height Y=700 in the Overworld to trigger entering the Moon dimension.

Finally, you'll need some patience to pillar or fly up above Y=700. It takes time to get that high up legitimately without flying. But the payoff is worth it when you finally arrive at the Moon!

The Moon Dimension

The Moon dimension in the April Fools snapshot introduces some unique features not found anywhere else in Minecraft. Due to the low gravity environment, players can jump incredibly high and float back down gently This allows for leaping over large gaps and structures with ease. The terrain generation uses a darker palette of blacks, grays, and whites to simulate the lunar surface. You'll find craters, caverns, and jagged cliffs across the landscape

In addition to the altered physics and terrain, the Moon features exclusive mobs. Moonstone ore can be mined and crafted into armor and tools. Passive moon cows spawn on the surface and can be milked and bred like normal cows. Overall, the April Fools Moon dimension provides a unique, otherworldly experience unlike anywhere else in the Minecraft overworld or nether

Returning to Overworld

There are a few ways to return to the Overworld from the April Fools Moon dimension in Minecraft:

The most straightforward method is to simply die. This will cause the player to respawn back in the Overworld at their spawn point or bed. While dying isn’t ideal, it is a surefire way to return from the Moon.

Players can also build makeshift Nether portals using end portal frames and flint and steel. This will transport them through the Nether and back to the Overworld. However, the exit portal will need to be properly built for return.[1]

Finally, players in Creative mode can construct end gateways on the Moon and travel through them back home. Building all 4 sides of an end gateway and applying an ender eye will link it with a gateway in the Overworld if one exists.[2]

Regardless of method, returning from the Moon in Minecraft's April Fools snapshot is straightforward. Just don't get stuck up there!

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History of Minecraft April Fools

How to get to the moon Minecraft april fools has become an annual tradition for the game. Since 2011, the developers at Mojang Studios have released jokes and pranks to surprise players.

Some of the most memorable April Fools additions include:

  • 2011 - Rainbow sheep and constant crash screens
  • 2013 - Minecraft 2.0 with retro graphics
  • 2015 - Love and Hugs Update with aggressive mobs
  • 2022 - Wild Update parody with Warden Mob Vote
  • 2023 - Dimensional portals to the Moon

Mojang adds April Fools content for a few reasons:

  • It lets developers experiment with fun, silly ideas outside the main game.
  • The surprises amuse and delight the community.
  • It keeps Minecraft fresh while major updates are in development.

April Fools has become an integral Minecraft tradition over the past decade for both Mojang and the players.