Pink petals were added to Minecraft in the recent 1.20 Trails & Tales update. This new decorative block can be found in the new cherry grove biomes and provides players a beautiful way to decorate builds or craft pink dye. This guide will cover everything you need to know about how to get pink petals in Minecraft.

Where to Find Pink Petals

Pink petals can be found generating naturally in certain biomes in Minecraft 1.20. The primary biome where pink petals will generate is the cherry grove biome. This new biome addition features lush forests of cherry blossom trees, providing ample sources of pink petals (

Pink petals will commonly spawn on the ground surrounding cherry blossom trees in cherry grove biomes. This provides a convenient way to harvest a large number of petals quickly. In addition to cherry grove biomes, pink petals have a small chance of generating in regular forest and mountain biomes as well (

Gathering Pink Petals

Pink petals can be gathered by simply breaking them by hand or using any tool such as a pickaxe or shovel. According to the Minecraft Wiki, pink petals can be broken instantly with any item or by hand. This makes harvesting pink petals extremely easy and quick.

Players can also quickly harvest pink petals using shears. Using shears will harvest multiple pink petals at once. However, using shears does consume the tool's durability even though it instantaneously breaks the petals. As noted by GameRant, shears are the fastest way to gather lots of pink petals.

Once broken, pink petals can be picked up off the ground the same way as other blocks and items. Players don't need to use any special methods to collect the petals once they've been harvested.

Using Pink Petals

Pink petals have a variety of decorative uses in Minecraft. One of the most common is for building and map decoration. The petals can be placed as blocks to create stunning pink walls, floors, and landscaping features. Their soft color and texture make them perfect for gardens, paths, and accent walls.

The petals are also ideal for custom pixel art. When placed carefully in patterns, the petals form images and textures not possible with regular blocks. Creators use this method to make intricate custom paintings, murals, and even text within their Minecraft worlds.

In addition to decorating, pink petals can be crafted into pink dye[1]. This expands their uses for coloring armor, fireworks, shulker boxes, and more. The dye is made by surrounding the petals with flowers in a crafting table.

With these versatile capabilities, pink petals have become a coveted decoration block for builders and creators in Minecraft.


Farming Pink Petals

Bonemeal can be used to help farm pink petals for infinite supplies. Apply bonemeal to already placed petals on the ground and more will quickly spread around the area in a flowering pattern (1). This allows gathering a large number from a small starting patch. Pink petals will also slowly regrow over time naturally in cherry grove biomes, so gathering trips can be made to the same location periodically (2).

For unlimited access, players can transport and plant cherry blossom trees anywhere using saplings. Once grown, these trees will continuously produce pink petals that fall to the ground ready for harvest (3). This provides a renewable source of petals on demand without having to return to a cherry biome each time more are needed.

With bonemeal spreading and regrowing coupled with moveable trees, pink petals can be farmed indefinitely for all crafting and decor needs.

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