This article will explain how to safely dismount your horse in Minecraft. Horses are useful for faster transportation, but getting on and off them can be tricky if you don't know the controls. We'll cover finding and taming a horse, putting a saddle on it, riding your new steed, and most importantly, how to dismount without taking any damage or losing your horse.

Learning to properly dismount is an important horseback riding skill in Minecraft. By following the steps in this guide, you'll be able to quickly and easily get off your horse whenever needed. Knowing the right technique can prevent accidents and keep both you and your horse safe.

Finding and Taming Horses

The first step to riding a horse in Minecraft is locating and taming one. Wild horses naturally spawn in plains and savanna biomes in herds of 2-6. Approach a horse and repeatedly mount it by right-clicking until hearts appear, indicating the horse is tamed. This usually takes about 5-10 mounts.

Once tamed, you can feed a horse food like wheat, apples, hay bales, etc. to increase its stats. Feeding a preferred food like golden carrots or apples will raise its health and speed, allowing it to regenerate health and run faster for you. Refer to this guide for details on the best foods for horses.

With a tamed horse, you can now put a saddle on it to be able to control its movement.

Putting a Saddle on Your Horse

Once you have tamed a horse, the next step is to put a saddle on it. Saddles allow you to control the movement of the horse when riding it. There are a couple ways to get a saddle:

  • Craft a saddle - You can craft a saddle using leather and string at a crafting table.
  • Find a saddle - Saddles can sometimes be found in dungeon and village chests as loot.

To equip the saddle, make sure you are holding it in your inventory. Then right click on the tamed horse while standing next to it. The saddle will automatically be equipped onto the horse.[1] With the saddle equipped, you can now ride and control your horse's movement.

Riding Your Horse

Once you have tamed and saddled a horse in Minecraft, you can ride it to control its movement. To mount the saddled horse, simply use the interact button while standing next to or looking at the horse. This will put you on top of the horse.

While mounted, you can use the move controls to direct the horse where to go - forward, backward, and side-to-side. The horse will walk or run in the direction you steer it. You can also make the horse jump by pressing the jump button, allowing you to clear fences, creeper holes, and small obstacles while riding.

It's important to be careful and avoid taking fall damage while riding horses in Minecraft. Horses can fall from heights that would normally injure or kill the player, so take care near cliffs and ravines while mounted. Also be wary of water or lava, as falling into these hazards can separate you from your horse and lead to losing it.

With some practice, riding horses allows swift traversal across the Minecraft world. Just be sure to ride carefully and avoid potential mishaps that can harm you or your new horse companion.

Dismounting Your Horse

Once you have mounted and ridden your saddled horse, you will eventually want to dismount. There are a few different ways to get off your horse depending on if you are stationary or moving:

To safely dismount while stationary, simply press and hold the sneak key, which is Left Shift by default on PC or left stick on controllers ( This will slowly slide you off the horse without taking any fall damage.

If you need to quickly dismount while moving, such as in combat or to avoid danger, you can jump off the horse by pressing the jump key. However, this can potentially cause fall damage if you are too high up (

When dismounting near water or lava, take extra caution not to dismount into the liquids or you may lose your horse entirely. Always try to dismount on solid ground.