Try the Limited Demo Version

One way to play Minecraft Pocket Edition for free is by downloading the limited demo version available on Android and iOS devices. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition demo allows you to play for free, but has certain restrictions compared to the full version.

The main limitation is that gameplay time is capped. On iOS devices, you get 5 game days which is equivalent to about 1 hour and 40 minutes of real-time play. On Android, the limit was originally set at 100 minutes but was later increased to 150 minutes of real time gameplay [1].

The demo version also does not allow multiplayer, access to user-created skins or texture packs, or saving maps or worlds. However, it's a great way to try out the Minecraft PE experience before deciding to purchase the full version. The demo showcases the core gameplay so you can get a feel for crafting, exploring, and building in the Minecraft universe.

Get Minecraft: Pi Edition

Minecraft: Pi Edition is a free version of Minecraft that was developed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. It comes with a more limited feature set compared to the full Minecraft Pocket Edition game, but is completely free to download and play. The Pi Edition introduces players to programming by allowing them to modify Minecraft with code.

Minecraft: Pi Edition is based on an older Pocket Edition Alpha build but contains support for Python and other programming languages out of the box [1]. This allows Raspberry Pi users to learn basic programming skills by manipulating the Minecraft world with code. For example, you can place blocks, build structures, create mini-games, and automate tasks and behaviors within the game.

The gameplay itself is more restricted than the full Pocket Edition or other Minecraft versions. The world size is limited to 256 x 256 blocks, and some features like redstone are not implemented [2]. However, it provides an easy way to learn programming with Minecraft as a fun interactive environment.

Overall, Minecraft: Pi Edition serves as an excellent educational introduction to Minecraft and coding using Python and other languages. While not as full-featured as the paid Minecraft game, it is completely free for Raspberry Pi devices.

Redownload with Previous Purchase

If you previously purchased Minecraft Pocket Edition on a mobile device or PC, you can redownload it for free by simply logging in to the app store with the same account originally used to buy the game. To do this:

1. On your new device, open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Sign in using the same account you made your original Minecraft purchase with. This works best if you used a Microsoft/Xbox Live or Mojang account rather than a local device account.

2. Go to your purchase history in the app store. On iOS, tap your profile icon in the top right and select "Purchased". On Android, go to "My Apps & Games" > "Library" to see your purchase history.

3. Locate Minecraft Pocket Edition in your purchase history. You should find Minecraft PE listed there if you previously bought it. Tap to download and install the game again for free.

4. The app will download the full version of Minecraft PE. Once installed, you can sign in and access all the same worlds and content from your original purchase. Enjoy rediscovering Minecraft for free!

Share Via Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows you to share your purchased copy of Minecraft PE with family members through your Microsoft account. To enable this, you first need to set up a family group in your Microsoft account settings and invite family members to join. Once they accept the invitation, your purchased apps and games like Minecraft PE become available for them to download and install on their own devices.

The main benefit of using Family Sharing is that it allows your family to play Minecraft PE multiplayer together without each person needing to purchase their own copy. As long as one family member has bought the game, the rest can access and play it through Family Sharing. This makes it easy to get your kids set up with Minecraft PE so they can play with you or siblings.

According to the Microsoft Support website, up to 6 family members can access shared content through Family Sharing on Microsoft accounts. So be sure to take advantage of this feature if you want to enable multiplayer Minecraft PE with your family without each person paying individually.

Avoid Illegal Downloads

Downloading Minecraft for free from unofficial third-party sites is illegal and comes with serious risks. These unauthorized downloads violate Minecraft's End User License Agreement, meaning you could face legal consequences for piracy. In addition, third-party sites offering free Minecraft often bundle malware, spyware, or viruses with their downloads. This exposes users to privacy violations, data theft, and device damage or instability.

Rather than risk malware, legal issues, and harming the Minecraft community, stick to official sources for Minecraft downloads. Play the limited demo version or use family sharing to try the full game. Support Minecraft's developers by purchasing legitimate copies only. Avoid the temptation of supposed "free" downloads, as they ultimately lead to trouble.